Over 30 Years of Fighting Addiction

Would you say that 30 years is a long time? We sure would!

The addiction recovery community is constantly changing these days, especially in the state of Florida. It can be hard to know which addiction recovery centers to trust and which ones to stay away from, but something that will help you decide this is how long they have been around.

Now, we aren’t saying that all new centers will be bad, we are just giving you something to look for and be aware of when trying to find a treatment center.

It takes a lot to survive for 30 years in this industry and we have seen our fair share come and go, but since our start in 1985, we just can’t seem to stop! So what exactly have we done over these many years to help fight addiction?

Over 30 Years of Helping People Find Sobriety

People come to us when they are struggling with addiction and we know that it is our duty to help them overcome it. We offer a variety of services depending on each individual’s needs.

Here at Transitions Recovery, we have something unique. We offer Reality-Based Treatment Programs as an option for those in recovery. With this program,  individuals learn life-skills that will enable them to know how to function once they leave treatment. Each person in the program lives in an apartment away from the center and they perform the daily tasks of shopping, laundry, and meal preparation, all under supervision from our staff.

Relapse is a common result when people first enter addiction treatment. Being secluded in a recovery center makes it a lot easier to stay clean. It’s when they get home on their own that things can start to slip up. This reality based treatment can help prevent situations like this as each individual learns how to cope in a real-life scenario, not just while under the protection of a center.

Over 30 Years of Fixing Families

Alcohol and drug addiction affect more than just the user. Family members and close friends are impacted as well and it is important that they are given the chance to recover alongside their loved one. Because of this, we involve the families with the recovery process when possible. Too often, centers work with the individual with the addiction and that’s it. When they return to their home environment, they are surrounded by family and friends who might have been part of the problem.

If the family members have not moved on and still feel hurt by the loved one, it can cause a lot of tension in their relationship when they are reunited. This tension can be enough to put the individual who was getting treatment down the path to relapse.

Another reason why we encourage family involvement is because the addiction is only a symptom of another problem. When people go through the recovery journey, they have to face exactly what led them to use in the first place. Only until they find the root cause will they be able to fully heal. Sometimes this cause is seeded in family issues and it is essential that they are worked out.

Over 30 Years of Getting People Out of Jail John Alternative Sentencing

Transitions Recovery has been involved with Miami’s alternative sentencing program. It is our goal to get people struggling with addiction the help they need. Alternative sentencing gives an opportunity for people charged with drug and alcohol offenses to enter rehab instead of incarceration.

There are specific rules and stipulations for the program, but it is a better alternative than letting them be put in jail where they will likely not learn how to stay clean. With this program, there is a hope that there will be less repeat drug offenders. Transitions has been working with lawyers for years in trying to get people alternative sentencing options.

Transitions Recovery is run by a staff that really does care about each person who walks through our doors. If we can help at least one person find treatment instead of jail time, then we feel like we have accomplished something great. People who come to us notice right away our compassion and drive to help.

Not a lot of people are familiar with alternative sentencing programs. To learn more about them, click this link.

Over 30 Years of Keeping People Clean

Addiction recovery is not easy. As we mentioned previously, a lot of individuals experience relapse before they fully recover, but even then, it is a life-long fight. When people come to Transitions Recovery, many of them have tried other treatment centers before. Our Twelve Step approach combined with individual and group therapy gives a foundation for lasting recovery.

Tim Play VideoWe have seen so many success stories over these 30 years and always are eager to invite our alumni back to tell their story. Most of our counselors first came to Transitions because they were struggling with addiction themselves. They were able to graduate from our program and became so passionate about their success that they were eager to help others. We pride ourselves on the fact that when people come to Transitions, they are able to embrace the recovery process and do everything it takes to have a full and lasting recovery.

Over 30 Years of Fighting the Stigma

People who have struggled with addiction know all too well the stigma that comes with it. People who haven’t experienced anyone struggling with it often want nothing to do with the people who have. This creates an atmosphere where individuals are afraid to find help because they do not want to be ostracized by society.

Transitions Recovery is a huge advocate of sharing our stories. By telling exactly what it is like to struggle with addiction and then enter recovery, we are shedding light on the situation. Sharing these struggles allow people who are unfamiliar with it to relate and be more likely to want to help.

Since sharing is so important to us, we would love to from you! What does your story of addiction and recovery look like? Comment down below and start making an impact!

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