Rob Lowe’s Success in Rehab

There is no end to the news stories that tell you about how a celebrity has not done well with addiction recovery or reports of repeated trips to drug and alcohol rehab. You have to look a little harder to find stories of famous and not-so-famous folks who have successfully completed rehab and are living much calmer lives.

(We do want to note, however, that having a relapse or seeking additional treatment is a part of the process for some people, so we do not condemn those who go through this.)

It is nice to read about someone who can look back on their time of substance abuse through the eyes of a sober present without becoming overly negative.  Rob Lowe, an actor who was on the TV show The West Wing and is now making a splash on Parks and Recreation, says that he learned that he is much more conservative than he thought. Living a wild life got in the way of his really getting to know himself and others.

He told USA Weekend about some of the joys of sobriety in an article called “How actor Rob Lowe became a Hollywood rehab success story.”

“Who’d have thought that getting sober actually makes your relationships work?” he muses. “Amazing concept!”

“The actor wants people to know his “Brat Pack” days of binge drinking and bed-hopping are long gone.

“The very stuff I thought was dull back in the day is what lights me up now,” he says. “I was able to get that only by finding out who I was. I’m one of the lucky ones.”

We would say that being lucky and successfully completing rehab is not just for Hollywood stars. Anyone who is willing can get sober and get his or her life back on track with the help of caring and well-trained drug treatment center  professionals. Even if you are not written up in an article, your path to sobriety can be an inspiration for those around you who need to see that it is possible.

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