Addiction Complications

Substance dependence or addiction may bring a myriad of complications to a person’s life. These may include but not necessarily limited to the following-:

Health Complication

Substance addiction usually comes with significant consequences to the addict’s health. Be it nicotine, narcotics, drugs, or alcohol, the addict is likely to experience a variety of mental, physical and emotional health problems.

Relationship problems

Family, social and relationship problems are likely to be witnessed whenever there is addiction to substance. A number of family breakups and divorces have been attributed to substance addiction where the other partner feels continuing with the relationship to be unbearable.

Problem with the law

In instances when the substance causing addiction is expensive, the addict may resort to illegal activities such as crime or prostitution in order to keep their supply of the substance. Such activities are likely to land the addicts into trouble with the law enforcers and they may even go to jail.

Certain Diseases

The spread of HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and other sexually transmitted infections have been attributed to drug addiction. Either the addicts share needles and in the process transfer the diseases from one user to another, or they engage in risky sexual behaviour after getting intoxicated and end up contracting diseases.

Unconsciousness, coma or death

Deaths due to drug overdose are not uncommon phenomenon. Some addicts go to the extent of taking very high doses of the substances, which in turn cause them to go in a coma, become unconscious or sometimes they die out of the high doses.


People addicted to alcohol or drugs have higher risks of committing suicide compared to non-addicted individuals. Such people are likely to act upon the slightest provocation or existence of suicidal thoughts in their minds.

Injuries and accidental deaths

Drug addicts have higher risks of driving dangerously under influence and may get involved in greasily road accidents which at times may end up being fatal.

Unemployment, homelessness and poverty

Most people who are addicted to drugs and other substances usually find that they have no jobs and no roofs above their heads. For some, the need to keep up with the addiction may have forced them to sell all their belongings to get the money for the drugs or substance and as a result, they ended up on the streets. It is also common to find that addicts are very poor people who live on hand to mouth basis.

Child abuse and neglect

The percentage of abused or neglected children where one or both parents are suffering from an addiction is far much higher than those of children with healthy parents. This is not only for nicotine addicts, but also it applies to all instances where there is drug or alcohol addiction.

Perpetual feeling of guilt

Addicts who are conscious about their problem and are aware of the fact that they need help but are not asking for it always suffers from a perpetual feeling of guilt. They know that something is wrong with them and this makes them very uncomfortable when they are with the other guys or each time reference is made to their addiction.

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