Should You Admit Your Drug Use Before Testing?

The first step to any recovery from addiction is admitting there’s a problem in the drug place. When entering a Florida drug rehab clinic or other recovery center, being honest and up front is often the best approach for patients to take. It’s much more difficult for recovery professionals to properly treat addiction if a cooperative common ground is not established. There are many reasons why those suffering from addiction should admit to any drug use prior to testing.

1. Develops a More Effective Treatment Plan

If you used drugs that did not show up in any tests- and have not told anyone- recovery professionals will have more difficulty adjusting their techniques to accurately accommodate your specific circumstances. When experts attempting to assist someone with addiction are not aware of additional substances he or she may be using, creating a treatment plan that produces results can become that much more challenging.

2. Helps Eliminate Deception and Recursive Lying

It’s common for individuals who are fighting addiction to get into a habit of deceiving themselves and others when using. The most important part of recovering from addiction is stopping the cycle of deception or lies by being fully open about the problem and allowing others to help. Being completely honest about drug use before testing sends a strong, respectable message.

3. Encourages Trust

First impressions are always important. If you or a loved one is completely honest about drug use prior to being tested it will help build a strong foundation for rehabilitation to begin. Building trust between those with addiction and recovery professionals is an integral component to building a mutually beneficial relationship that both parties can appreciate. A recovering addict visiting a quality Florida drug rehab center for treatment should feel completely safe and unburdened in order for recovery to succeed.

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