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Alcoholism Likely in Men

Men are five times more likely than women to develop alcoholism, explains an article from Self
Research has shown increasing evidence that susceptibility to it may be inherited and the risk of developing this medical condition rises significantly in families with relatives (in particular, parents and siblings) who are dependent on alcohol. Additional risk factors include having a psychiatric condition such as schizophrenia, depression, or anxiety disorders, which require dual diagnosis treatment. Poverty, social isolation, and shyness may also be risk factors. In addition, how one’s body processes alcohol can affect the risk of developing a dependence on alcohol, and men’s bodies process differently than women’s do.

Research has shown that people who need comparatively more alcohol to achieve an effect are more likely to become alcohol dependent. All drugs (and alcohol is a drug) affect a “reward mechanism” in the brain. If a person feels good each time he or she uses a drug, it tends to make them want to use the drug again. This common feature could explain why people abuse alcohol and drugs. As with most drugs, if you use them regularly, your body tends to require increasing amounts of the substance to achieve the same effect. This is called tolerance, and it may be the final factor that contributes to the development of drug and/or alcohol dependence.

Most men will know deep down whether they are controlling their drinking or their drinking is controlling them. If you sometimes feel guilty about the amount you drink, there’s a good chance you may have a problem.

Other warning signs of alcohol dependence include:

•Getting annoyed when others suggest you drink less
•Drinking even when you know it could have bad consequences (i.e., at work)
•Having a drink in the morning to prepare you for your day
•Regularly drinking more than you planned at social occasions
•Hiding alcohol at home or at work
•Drinking alone or in secret
•Losing interest in activities and hobbies you used to enjoy

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