Arianna Huffington’s Daughter Discusses Cocaine Addiction

By Jeannie Colter

Christina Huffington is the daughter of wealthy and well-known parents—her mother is Huffington Post Founder Arianna Huffington and her father is a former congressman—with many of the advantages that come along with being a child or privilege but disappointed and addiction don’t have any boundaries. In a revealing interview, Huffington told Glamour magazine that she was not one of those stereotypical poor, little rich girls that were ignored by her parents. Instead, she describes her parents as being loving and attentive but still she wonders:

“So why did I self-destruct? Why did I spend seven years lying to my family about using cocaine? How did I come to find myself running barefoot through the streets of New Haven, Connecticut, one chilly March morning, my coke-addled heart racing so fast I had to be hospitalized? And why are so many young women going through exactly what I did?”

Huffington had a tough time dealing with her parents’ divorce and she left her home in California to attend a boarding school in Connecticut but life on a different coast away from family was also difficult. She snuck alcohol with friends and was later diagnosed with bulimia. Her parents were aware of the eating disorder (but not the alcohol abuse) and moved her back to California to finish high school.

Back home in California, Huffington was introduced to cocaine. When her stash was discovered, her mother began taking her for random drug tests and she quit. A few years later in college, the temptation of cocaine reappeared and this time there was no one to take her for random drug tests. While she was able to quite for brief periods of time, Huffington returned to cocaine, including once after a romantic disappointment.

Huffington really is no different from a lot of people who either seek out or happen upon drugs and alcohol and find it hard to turn away from them. That is why there are Connecticut Detox Programs for people to turn to when they need assistance with starting and continuing a journey of sobriety.

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