Can Addiction Run in Families?

As addiction treatment has evolved, the medical community has learned that substance abuse is far more than just a case of lack of will power. Studies show that 50 percent of addictions are due to genetic predisposition. Not surprisingly, then, this trait can be shared by family members as seen in a couple of recent high-profile news stories.

This month Kevin McEnroe, son of legendary tennis player John McEnroe, was arrested in Manhattan during an alleged drug purchase. Police confiscated bags of cocaine along with pain-killer Oxycodone and other prescription drugs.

Kevin’s mother, Oscar-winning actress Tatum O’Neal, has had her own lengthy battles with drug addiction. When the couple divorced in 1994, McEnroe gained custody of their three children due to O’Neal’s ongoing problems with heroin, a substance she began using at the age of 14. Ironically, in 2008 she was arrested trying to buy crack only a few blocks from the site of Kevin’s arrest.

Tatum is not the only member of the O’Neal family to deal with substance abuse. Her half-brother Redmond has had his own struggle with heroin addiction which also began in his teens. Brother Griffin’s addictions to drugs and alcohol led to a stint in jail after a drug-fueled car crash that injured another driver.

In June, news surfaced of another celebrity offspring affected by substance abuse. Indio Downey, son of popular actor Robert Downey Jr., was arrested in West Hollywood, allegedly in possession of cocaine and smoking paraphernalia. The elder Downey has a famously long-standing history of substance addiction but has been clean and sober for more than a decade. He’s been candid in sharing his experiences in the interest of helping others.

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