Chicago Mother Ends Drug Habit, Gets Her Family Back

If drug and alcohol abuse has damaged your relationships, you can get help. Transitions drug and alcohol rehab center offers comprehensive and compassionate care for patients who want to break free from substance abuse.  It is possible to repair rifts with others and getting sober can help you do that.

A recent story about how a woman from Chicago suddenly stopped using crack cocaine and turned her life around is wonderful and inspiring. The woman says she just stopped on her own without the help of drug rehab. Everyone who needs help to stop substance abuse may not be able to quit on their own, but people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol can look at her example of how she worked to turn her life around.

Yolanda Miller has 11 biological children and as a drug user, she lived next door to her children while they were being raised by her mother. When Miller gave up drugs, she did rush in to reclaim her children. Instead:

“To start anew, the family moved to a different neighborhood and lived in a similar setup, with Miller next door to her mother and her children. Though she had always been visible in her children’s lives, getting clean allowed Miller to take an active parenting role.”

That process began in 1997; Miller’s mother died in 2005. At that time Miller’s children moved in with her, but since she had lost legal custody of them, she feared they could be taken away from her.

A 2009 Illinois law that Miller inspired “allows for parents who have lost custody of their children to rehabilitate themselves and regain it, in the event that the adoptive parent is a blood relative and passes away.”  Miller adopted four of her biological children under that law.

Miller told CNN that she always felt as if her mother and her children loved her and she felt this even though she was addicted to crack. That love gave her something to live for, and although it didn’t happen right away, it influenced her decision to stop using drugs.

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