Comedian Russell Brand Speaks Out Against Methadone

Often controversial British comedian Russell Brand can be counted on the say things that get people talking. And whether you agree with him or not, his recent comments against using methadone to treat heroin at least put the issue of addiction recovery in the news. Although an extremely effective tool in removing heroin addiction and cravings, methadone use must be closely monitored by health professionals.

Brand has been public about his struggles with addiction and has recently been just as public in his advocacy for addiction recovery programs that are based on abstinence. ┬áHe admits to being fired from jobs, losing friend and even stealing his grandmother’s pension while under the influence of drugs. And while he found a lot of success after his agent put him in a recovery program, he still admits to having cravings for heroin.

According the Observer, “[Brand] insists that addiction can be tackled only by addressing the root causes.” and feels that any other method allows you to numb pain and may take you away from substance abuse but you will still continue your addictive behaviors.

Brand is not only speaking to the media about what he thinks will help more people overcome addiction; he is also speaking to policy makers in Britain, where the Observer notes “The national average for post-rehab recovery is under 30% six years after treatment.”

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