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Compassionate Nurse Nominated for Award

A successful journey through addiction recovery does not just depend on working with patients who abuse substances; it also depends on the mindset of the health care professionals who work with these patients. It takes a lot for someone to admit that they need help and when they do, they have to rely on others to treat them with compassion.

Paul Thompson is a clinical nurse specialist for substance misuse in the UK who is a “finalist in this year’s Nursing Times and HSJ Patient Safety Awards for his outstanding work taking care of patients with addiction, supported by a committed chief executive.”

Nursing Times reported that when Thompson saw how staff perception of substance abusers affected treatment, he decided to start an initiative to better educate health care professionals.

“We can improve addicts’ lives and health, and stop them using dirty drugs. Even if they’re hostile or aggressive we, as health professionals, have to learn how to treat them and get them the care they deserve.

“When I start a training session I ask the staff if they have any feelings about drug users. Once I did this and a woman shouted derogatory comments. I carried on; by the end of the session she apologized and asked where she could get more training.”

At Transitions drug and alcohol rehab center, we provide comprehensive services customized to the needs of patients and administered by some of the most highly regarded addiction and behavioral health professionals. Our staff is well-trained and highly skilled in patiently guiding patients through the addiction recovery process.

However, as proud as we are to have a well-educated and well-trained staff, we believe that our staff’s attitudes are as important as their credentials. Each member of our staff is committed to the core values of our addiction treatment beliefs. We understand that every addict deserves a fresh start. Our drug rehab programs and alcohol treatment center provide a safe, compassionate, chemical-free environment. We take every client’s situation seriously. After all, we are being trusted with a patient’s life, and we would like to have a positive impact.