Glee Star Talks About Sobriety

Cory Monteith one of the stars of the hit television show Glee recently spoke to Parade magazine about the struggles had with drug addiction when he was a teenager. He first went to drug rehab at the age of 19, after an intervention that was put together by his mother and his friends. Monteith says that after this first try at rehab, he went back to abusing drugs. He didn’t name specific drugs, but stated that he would try “any and everything.”

He also admits that he stole a lot to support his habit, but it wasn’t until it was discovered that he stole a large sum of money from a family member that he found himself in a situation that was a wake-up call.  He was told that he had to give up substance abuse and that if he did not, his family member was going to press charges. By this point many of his peers from school were in college, while some of the people he hung out with were in jail or dead. With fewer companions and fewer options, he decided to change his life.

“I was done fighting myself,” he recalls of his turning point. “I finally said, ‘I’m gonna start looking at my life and figure out why I’m doing this.’”

Part of his addiction recovery included moving to a different city, working and making a point to spend time with people who were sober. An acting coach who taught in that city on weekends offered Monteith free acting lessons if he would run errands and pick up the acting studio.

Monteith worked hard and this earned him guest starring roles in television and later, a spot in the cast of Glee. He was given this role even though he was not trained as a vocalist.

“I don’t want kids to think it’s okay to drop out of school and get high, and they’ll be famous actors, too,” says Monteith, who works with a group called Virgin Unite that helps at-risk youth. “I’m lucky on so many counts—I’m lucky to be alive.

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