Don’t Be Mislead: Club Drugs are Dangerous

Despite their reputation as substances that can enhance one’s experience and help someone have a good time, club drugs are very dangerous. There are sources online and elsewhere that would lead people to believe that these drugs are non-addictive and somehow “safe.”

For example, ketamine, which is known to enhance colors and produce feelings of euphoria, can also cause vomiting, convulsions, starve the brain of oxygen, and users can quickly become dependent on it. Because this does not happen to all users and because there are enough stories of people using a drug like ketamine with no incident, this and other club drugs have gotten a reputation as being drugs that one can use to have fun without worrying too much.

However, one popular site that gives information about such drugs for those who would want to take ketamine at a party outlines the effects of ketamine differently, saying that a little can make one feel dreamy and that it resembles nitrous oxide And this website tells would-be users that a large dose of ketamine (also popularly known as “ecstasy”) can cause something that resembles a “near-death” experience. It even outlines dosage amounts.

While it is admirable that they want to inform people without frightening them, it seems as if they are leaving out some of the harsh realities of taking a club drug like ketamine.

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