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Transitions Recovery

Welcome to Transitions Recovery, an inpatient holistic behavioral health treatment center and a Boston, Massachusetts drug rehab & drug addiction rehab in Miami, Florida. We are the Boston area’s go-to source for substance abuse recovery. You probably know of our outstanding recovery record already, but you probably don’t know why we succeed and other local area facilities do not.

The reasons are very simple:

First, we remove the patients from their environments. Often the roots of their problems are in the homes, neighborhoods and societies where they currently spend their time. Their stressors are there, their troubles are there and their suppliers are there.

Second, the environment at their addiction treatment rehab facility must be uplifting and inspiring. Newark, New Jersey is a different environment than Boston, but just how uplifting or inspirational do you think a rehab facility there might be? Imagine Boston, Massachusetts drug rehab & drug addiction rehab in warm, sunny and bright Miami. It wins out every time. We are first of all known for being a place of healing and hope.

On a beautiful and secure campus in North Miami Beach we have built a climate of understanding and safety where our highly trained clinicians skillfully address underlying issues that support drug addiction and dual diagnosis mental disorders or mood problems, as well as maladaptive attitudes or any perceptions and beliefs that may engender a return to self-destructive behaviors.

Having a Boston, Massachusetts drug rehab & drug addiction rehab in Miami is certainly making sense; isn’t it? Our clinical team, at Transitions Recovery drug addiction rehab treatment center ranks with the best in the nation and is fully committed to substance abuse recovery and empowering patients to stay clean and sober.

Supporting a tight continuity of care and encouraging an ongoing relationship between our patients, our drug addiction help & treatment professionals here and their treating clinicians at home. Our treatment for addiction at Transitions Recovery is conducted in several different ways, because we hold the belief that every patient in addiction rehab deserves unique treatment that caters to their specific needs.

Our Boston, Massachusetts drug rehab & drug addiction rehab program includes a wide-range of effective therapies and services available to each patient at Transitions Recovery addict rehab center. We also provide aftercare services for those who may need support after formal treatment is completed. Call us for more detailed information.