Each year, hundreds of young Americans are introduced to chemical dependency, which begins as an adventure and ends up making the person highly addicted. The addiction not only puts your life off track and that of your family and loved ones. To help such individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, Transitions Recovery offers comprehensive alcohol and drug rehab treatment within a nurturing and peaceful environment.

The state-of-the-art addiction rehabilitation center attracts patients from all over Florida, including Jersey City, and provides medically-supervised and personalized recovery programs. Our team of medical personnel, counselors, and the support staff work in collaboration to facilitate the recovery of the patient, physically, mentally and emotionally. As a nationally-recognized and state-approved drug and alcohol rehab treatment center, we are known for producing high quality results in terms of effective recovery and life-long benefits.

For residents of Jersey City, we provide residential rehab programs at our North Miami Beach center. The residential program provides intensive ongoing clinical care, combined with support and counseling from our experts for better results. The residential recovery program is administered through group and psycho-educational presentations, as well as individual therapy, along with the indispensable 12-step meeting attendance. Throughout the recovery program, we focus on making the patients self-dependant and realizing the benefits of drug-free life. To achieve this objective, several life skills are taught to them, so that they can adjust to the new lifestyle better, and make good for themselves and their family.

Besides the residential programs, the involvement of patient’s family through personalized family programs is also an integral part of the drug and alcohol treatments offered at Transitions Recovery. We understand how any form of addiction in one family member adversely affects the entire family. So, to help all family members to recover from the torment and grow closer, we organize family meetings, support groups and more.

We have been changing lives since 1985, and we will continue to do so. Call us today at 800-298-1783 and let us bring you back to the path of sobriety and happiness!