Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center, Newark – High Success Rate of Recovery

If you are looking for a substance abuse treatment center that can help you or a loved one get off drugs/alcohol and stay sober, you have come to the right place. At Transitions Recovery, we provide the most personalized, medically-supervised and compassionate addiction recovery programs administered by noted medical professionals and support staff. Located in serene and positive environs of New South Beach, Florida, the center offers services across the country, including Newark and other cities, which have high drug consumption rate.

Drug and alcohol addiction drains a person off his energy and the willingness to make a life for himself. To help such people overcome the feeling of temptation, hopelessness and depression, we provide a comprehensive range of drug and alcohol rehab treatments that focus on treating the effects of chemical dependency on their physical body as well as its impact on their mental health. Through dual diagnosis, our team of doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists, try to identify co-occurring illnesses like depression, eating disorders, sexual addiction, mood swings and more.

Under the supervision of some of the best doctors and nurses, the patients undergo detoxification sessions to remove traces of chemicals in their bodies, so that they can better respond to the therapies that follow. The team of psychiatrists and psychologists then works on counseling the patients to help them better understand the consequences of continued addiction and the benefits of drug-free life. Several life skills are also taught to the patients during the therapies in order to make them competent enough to lead a successful life without depending on alcohol or drugs.

To find out more about our various programs and payment options available to residents of Newark, call us today at 800-298-1783.