Set Yourself Free from Alcohol and Drug Addiction at Transitions Recovery, Union County, NJ

Transitions Recovery is a nationally recognized drug and alcohol addiction rehab center that has been helping patients turn their lives around through highly effective detoxification and rehabilitation programs. We are one of the most well known dual diagnosis treatment centers in Union County, New Jersey, where both biological and psychological symptoms in the patients are diagnosed and treated with excellence. Since 1985, the center has played instrumental role in thousands of people’s lives by taking them to the path of sobriety and giving new meaning to their existence.

As one of the finest addiction rehabilitation centers, Transitions Recovery is equipped with the best facilities for residential and intensive out-patient programs. The center is not set as a hospital-like facility, and aims at making the patients feel comfortable, free and motivated amidst a nurturing environment. Our objective is to treat addiction like a disease that can be cured, and not as a taboo that the patients need to feel guilty about.

Our professional staff plays a key role in the quick recovery of our patients. Our professional team comprises of some of the most renowned doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health counselors, therapists, nutritionists and other experts. These specialists work together to deal with various challenges experienced during the ongoing recovery programs and work with genuine commitment to resolve these challenges.

Besides the detoxification process and counseling sessions, we also conduct educational programs, group therapies and family programs in which the patients are made aware of the potential damages substance abuse can bring to them and their family. The loved ones of the patients are also given a platform to share their turmoil and the struggle they have been fighting to help the patient recover completely from addiction. During the customized recovery program, each patient learns various life skills that prepare them to deal with real-life challenges most effectively when they move out of the rehab.

Moreover, we offer aftercare service for each patient in order to check their progress and help them each time they feel too bogged down by social pressures. This is a life-long service available to our patients and is aimed at minimizing chances of a relapse in the patients.

Our services are available in different cities of Union County, including Elizabeth, Linden, Plainfield, Rahway, and Summit, NJ.

Take the first step towards a better life. Call us today to find out more about our substance abuse treatments and programs – 800-298-1783.