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Drug Rehab Programs – New Jersey

NJ Addiction Counseling

Have you or a loved one made the decision to seek help for a substance abuse problem? Strengthen your commitment by choosing a facility that will provide you with the best tools for successful recovery. If you live in New Jersey, it’s a short journey down the coast to our comprehensive treatment center in Florida.

During the time you’re in treatment, regaining your health is job number one. Entering a facility away from familiar territory puts you on neutral ground where you can focus on recovery without the stress of work, family and other daily responsibilities. You will also be out of reach from the temptation of acquaintances who may be a bad influence.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll be idly whiling away the time. Part of your treatment involves learning to live a sober lifestyle on a day-to-day basis. You and your fellow patients will take part in shopping, meal preparation and other activities in order to stay busy and gain much-needed confidence.

Our center offers the support of a multi-disciplinary team that includes physicians, psychiatrists and psychologists, addiction specialists, nurses, and marriage and family therapists. We have the resources to develop a personalized course of treatment that addresses your unique needs.

Many individuals suffer from dual diagnosis, where a drug or alcohol addiction is accompanied by a co-existing mental disorder. We are one of the few centers in the country that are dually licensed with a fully equipped rehab center along with a psychiatric and mental health facility.

All the members of our staff at Transitions Recovery in Miami are fully committed to helping you achieve successful treatment. Thanks to our lifetime continuing care program, the support doesn’t end when you return home. Take the first step toward reclaiming your life. Call 800-626-1980 and let us extend a helping hand.