Successful addiction recovery requires a lot more than a medically-supervised detox therapy. Considering the level of chemical dependency, a patient needs enough counseling, motivation and guidance to be able to fight the temptation and move on to a drug-free life. Here, the role of an addiction rehabilitation center becomes the highlight. At Transitions Recovery, we have a team of psychiatrists, addictionologists, psychologists, social workers and medical personnel, who administer the treatment program and strive for wholesome recovery.

We are accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, and licensed by the State of Florida. Our drug and alcohol rehab center is located in a peaceful and secluded area in North Miami Beach Florida, providing a positive and nurturing environment to those undergoing the intensive treatments. Our patients feel safe at the center and our staff ensures that they gain thorough understanding of their personal recovery needs.

For the patients from Washington DC, we offer several drug and alcohol rehab treatments that include residential program, day treatment, intensive outpatient, family program, and aftercare. The patients can choose the right kind of program as per their requirements. They can also seek advice from our knowledgeable counselors on what is the best recovery plan for them.

When you choose us, we begin your recovery through a thorough assessment of your current condition, and chart out a personalized plan for you. It may include detox sessions, group meetings, family intervention, spiritual development, life skill learning, 12-step study, crises management and more. Each therapy is administered in reality-based settings, so that the patients are in better position to fit into the society when they leave the rehab.

We offer flexible lengths of stay and program options, considering the varying levels of addictions, and will-power of the patient to recover. To speak to one of our expert counselors, call us today 800-298-1783.