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Eating Disorder Treatment Help Center in Florida

Transitions Recovery Program - Eating Disorders Treatment Center

Eating Disorder Treatment Center

Eating disorders are conditions characterized by preoccupation with food, weight and eating related behaviors. Eating disorders are considered as serious chronic illnesses which affect both men and women of all ages. Without a proper eating disorder treatment, the victims are likely to face a myriad of medical complications, with bulimia and anorexia being the most common ones.

At Transitions Recovery Program, we have a leading eating disorder treatment center to offer the appropriate kinds of treatment for girls and women suffering from bulimia, anorexia and binge eating disorders. With our specialized treatment options, patients are able to regain control over their eating behaviors and in the process avoid other complications that might have been occasioned by the disorder.

Treatment For Individuals
Transition Recovery Program has helped thousands of girls and women as well as their families to overcome various eating disorders. The treatment staff at our eating disorder treatment center recognizes that every eating disorder patient has a unique story and that each and every individual have unique strengths. There are those who are seeking treatment for the first time while there are also those that are relapsing after another treatment and so they require help.

With the input from the patient and their loved ones, our eating disorder experts will create personalized plans to meet the unique needs of each and every resident in our facility. As a professional eating disorder treatment center, we don’t have a one-size-fit-all for our client and every person will always receive the kind of treatment that will meet their specific needs. Transition Recovery Program aims at helping every girl or woman suffering from bulimia, anorexia or any other eating disorder develop the skills needed for a lifelong recovery.

We consider all aspects of a woman’s health
Through experience, we have come to learn that most women struggle with overcoming eating disorders because of other underlying mental health conditions. These conditions or addictions may have not been treated or identified as co-occurring disorders in the past. It is sad to note that most of the eating disorder treatment centers and many rehab centers don’t know how such co-occurring disorders can contribute to eating disorders. Fortunately for you, we have an experienced team of experts who have the knowledge and the skills to recognize the correlation between eating disorders and co-occurring disorders. We will place you in the right hands that will help you come up with the treatment to overcome the disorder in a painless manner and in a short period.

Some of the psychiatric conditions which we also investigate when crafting an appropriate eating disorder treatment in our facility include but are not limited to the following-:
Bipolar disorder
Panic and anxiety disorder
Sleep disorder
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Substance abuse disorders
Borderline personality disorder

About Our Eating Disorder Treatment and Therapy
At Transitions Recovery eating disorder center, we are committed to supporting every resident in an empowering and uplifting manner and not in any way to criticize or shame their behaviour. It is our desire to offer all we can to help each resident make a significant real life difference by being compassionate and offering unconditional joyful spirit throughout the treatment duration.

You will be comforted to know that most of the staff in our eating disorder treatment center had been victims in the past, hence they have a personal experiences when it comes to overcoming eating disorder. Our therapists and psychiatrists fully understand that no woman would willfully want to engage in bulimic, anorexic or binge eating habits. We know that eating disorder symptoms have nothing to do with personal weakness, but rather they point to attempts the individuals to try and cope with certain complicated emotions which might have been caused by a medical condition.

It is also our understanding that many women have a lot of fear and ambivalence about seeking help from eating disorder treatment centers. We thus work hard to earn each woman’s trust by demonstrating to them that they can soon be on the path to recovery by adopting healthier behaviors and thought patterns, all drawn from her inward strengths and abilities. That is the reason why we prefer using integrated, personalized approaches in our eating disorder treatment center.

With the personalized approaches we have, we help girls and women overcome eating disorders by-:
Identify the emotional triggers responsible for the symptoms
Create awareness about the best and healthy ways for responding to anger, fear, stress, shame or sadness.
Break destructive thought patterns that may create a sense of hopelessness that many women experience when they suffer from eating disorders.

Create confidence in your ability to make healthy choices that will ultimately lead to lifelong recovery.
Identification Of The Causes of Eating Disorders
Identifying the causes of every eating disorder is imperative for the successful treatment by any eating disorder treatment center. At Transitions Recovery Program, we have a stringent set of tests and assessments to enable us identify the precise causes before coming up with the right treatment plans. The following are some of the methods we use to identify the causes of eating disorders at our eating disorder treatment center:
Rigorous Pre-admission Screening – this is conducted by our admissions counselors to gain more insights about the patient’s eating disorder symptoms, challenges at work or at school, issues with family and friends etc. This will ensure that the treatment team will have as much information as possible about the woman so that they craft the right eating disorder treatment plan.

Comprehensive intake assessment – after admission into our eating disorder treatment center, the woman will receive a comprehensive evaluation from our multidisciplinary treatment team for the purpose of gaining a full knowledge on the most effective treatment to be preferred for the woman.
Effective information sharing- this is important amongst the team members for effective results in overcoming eating disorders.
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