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Factors of Drug Addiction

In 2010, more than 1 million people in the United States enrolled in an in-patient drug rehab facility. It’s always a good thing for people to come to terms with their drug addiction and seek treatment. Still, the question needs to be asked: Why do people get addicted to drugs?

Drug addiction is described as a brain disease for the simple reason that drugs cause changes in the brain. Studies have shown that the structure and functions of the brain can be altered by drug use. It explains why an addict seeks for drugs compulsively, even when he or she knows that the consequences can be harmful.

There are many reasons why people start to use drugs. Some people take drugs to feel good or feel better. Some people take drugs to reduce stress. Over time, their dependence on drugs become more intense as their “high” threshold is raised. In the beginning, a normal dose may be enough to achieve a “high” but very soon, they will require more doses, and possibly stronger doses. When they don’t get their regular fixes, they don’t feel quite so “normal” anymore.

According to research, the likelihood of drug addiction is influenced by a person’s biological makeup. Some of the factors include ethnicity, gender, social environment, and developmental stage. In comparison to the general population, adolescents and people with mental disorders are found to be more vulnerable to drug addiction.

In homes and families where the older members are dependent on alcohol or drugs, it’s more likely that the children will go on to be dependent on drugs too. Acquaintances and friends can also draw young people into the world of drugs. The risk for drug abuse is higher for adolescents who are academically or socially poor. Since the brain is still developing at this stage, early use of drugs is another factor of addiction.

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