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Five Signs of Depression and the Need for Dual Diagnosis


Everyone has days when they’re feeling blue. Fortunately, for most people the mood passes fairly quickly. However, when you find that sadness is not a temporary mood but a regular state of mind, you may suffer from depression. This disorder becomes dual diagnosis when accompanied by a substance addiction.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an estimated 10 percent of the population suffers from depression. While middle-aged females are at the greatest risk, depression can strike anyone at any age.

Dual diagnosis with depression is one of the most common forms of the disorder. The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry states that one out of three adults with a substance addiction is also battling depression. There’s no consistent pattern as to how the problem develops. Some individuals with depression begin self-medicating, while for others chronic substance abuse leads to an onset of depression.

So how do you know if you’re truly depressed and not simply feeling down? Clinical depression lasts for a minimum of two weeks and causes major interference with your regular lifestyle, including work and relationships. These five signs are a red flag that your sadness is more than just a passing mood.

1. Have you lost interest in activities that were formerly enjoyable? This could include hobbies, socializing, and even sex.

2. Do you find yourself feeling hopeless, as though nothing matters anymore?

3. Have your eating habits become distorted? Some people will gain weight when they’re depressed while others will lose weight.

4. Are your sleep patterns disrupted? You may develop insomnia or you may find yourself sleeping all the time.

5. Are you feeling a loss of energy to the point where even getting out of bed seems like too much effort?

Successful recovery from dual diagnosis calls for both disorders to be treated simultaneously. Our dually-licensed Miami-based rehab center includes a psychiatric and mental health facility. It’s worth the short trip from your New Jersey home to reclaim your well-being.