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Located in South Florida, Transitions Recovery Program is renowned for its provision of cost-effective, high-quality addiction/recovery treatment since 1985. The success of our treatment program relies on the ability of our clients to enjoy life without the need for drugs or alcohol. Near Aventura, you will find a variety of activities for our clients and their families as they progress through their personalized treatment program like complimentary yoga classes held at Founders Park for all experience levels to enjoy. Held outdoors in the City’s beautiful Founders Park, these classes offer the perfect atmosphere to relax, breath and stretch together. You can also view nearby businesses and events by visiting the City of Aventura website at https://www.cityofaventura.com/ or the local chamber of commerce website. The support of Transitions Recovery, paired with the natural beauty of South Florida will help you discover a new, healthy and enjoyable life!

Drug and Alcohol Therapy

When you make a decision to look for treatment at Transitions Recovery Program in Florida you are starting a journey throughout the care continuum; with Inpatient Drug and Alcohol therapy, Comprehensive Day Therapy, Extensive Outpatient Treatment, Family Members Inclusive Programming as well as Lifetime aftercare supplying you all the devices essential for an effective life in recuperation. Transitions Recovery identifies that every individual seeking recuperation is distinct and uses a personalized therapy program tailored to you, your treatment goals, underlying issues and feasible barriers to successful recovery. Making use of an ongoing evaluation procedure your recuperation program will grow and also transform as you do. Your care is reality-based, with skilled specialists managing as well as educating you foundational activities and principles needed to once more accept a much healthier, extra effective life. Transitions Recovery also offers services to help people address employment as well as legal concerns that might have occurred due to their addiction, helping program individuals become encouraged in their change to a new life in recuperation!

Twin Medical diagnosis

You could have stopped working before on your course to recuperation, you may be doubting your capability to deal with the healing process along with your capacity to encounter other mental wellness issues that could exist with your addiction. Recognize that you are not alone, Transitions Recovery acknowledges that lots of people suffering from addiction likewise deal with an additional mental health medical diagnosis. Research reveals that 70% of people with alcohol and drug dependency suffer from other mental wellness issues and also left without treatment or unaddressed nearly all these individuals will fail to effectively recoup from medication or alcohol addiction. Transitions Recovery Program in Florida has actually built a unique and extensive therapy program for people just like you. Successful recuperation is possible when you have knowledgeable experts aiding you to recognize your mental wellness diagnosis while providing you modern therapy techniques, healing devices, and lifetime support.

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The thought of resolving your dependency may be frustrating or perhaps frightening if you are struggling with depression. You might have been making use of alcohol or other medications as a means of handling the signs of your depression and you may wonder how you will really feel as soon as you quit making use of drugs or alcohol and also seek recuperation. The selection to start your recovery program with Transitions Recovery Program will certainly put you in the care of extremely qualified experts particularly educated to assist you in reclaiming both happiness and also soberness. Your therapy program will certainly start with a comprehensive evaluation that will resolve your demands as an individual experiencing both anxiety and addiction. Anxiety is real, as well as you are not alone! Addressing your depression throughout the recovery procedure and also discovering the best ways to not simply endure however thrive will certainly give you the toughness as well as empowerment necessary to succeed. Making use of available medicine, shown healing processes and also behavior modifications for a much healthier life you will be able to find the joy and sobriety that you seek.

Stress and anxiety

Anxiety problems are the most usual mental disorders in the USA. These major mind conditions are approximated to impact greater than 20 million Americans (around one in 9) annually as well as typically co-occur with substance abuse in double medical diagnosis. Several aspects appear to add to the growth of an anxiousness disorder with research suggesting that anxiety problems are both genetic and neurochemical. Our cutting-edge treatment program makes use of an integrative treatment process that deals with the demands of your mind, body, spirit, and also feelings. You could have stopped working in previous attempts at healing or been afraid of just how your mind and body would certainly really feel throughout treatment- preventing treatment altogether. Know that your decision to seek treatment at Transitions Recovery puts you in the hands of specialists qualified to supply one of the most dynamic, thorough, dependency recovery program offered to fulfill your unique requirements.

You can learn more about admission to Transitions Recovery Program or call us at (800) 626-1980.

Eating Disorders

Consuming problems are complex disorders that call for a treatment program that attends to the complete person; medically, behaviorally, socially and also mentally. It is not unusual for those seeking therapy for recovery from consuming disorders to have actually tried recovery lot of times at lots of periods in their life. The healthy recuperation from an eating condition requires diagnosis and also treatment asap. For some, prompt medical attention to very carefully support weight and/or various other health conditions may be required. If you really feel that you are experiencing an eating disorder, you are bold in looking for aid. By reaching out to Transitions Recovery Program you are taking the primary steps towards saving your life. Transitions Recovery has dealt with individuals just like you from around the world, our skilled staff and comprehensive program has actually established us as a leader in the treatment of a range of consuming problems.

drug rehab Aventura

Sex-related Addiction

Transitions Recovery recognizes that those suffering from sexual dependency are frequently dealt with sensations of guilt as well as shame. These sensations might have terrified you far from seeking help for your sex-related dependency, you may have been too humiliated to seek help due to the fact that you might have kept your addiction a secret. Within Transitions Recovery Program you will find therapy that is very discreet and private while at the very same time providing you an environment of acceptance as well as understanding. Your therapy program is tailored to your distinct needs resolving your physical, mental, spiritual and interpersonal health. Providers are provided by a team specifically learned the treatment of people just like you, who have actually discovered the courage to look for therapy for sexual dependency.

Trauma and Abuse

Lots of (if not most) people have experienced a differing degree of trauma in their lives. Dealing with past injury is important to the healing from both Trauma/Abuse in addition to alcohol and drug dependency. Left unaddressed the effects of abuse and also injury can recur after a patient has actually completed alcohol and drug therapy, substantially raising the risk of alcohol and drug relapse. The Injury and also Abuse program at Transitions Recovery provides integrated, personalized therapy for those experiencing the results of abuse and trauma along with substantial trauma that may have caused PTSD or intense anxiety problem. The Transitions Recovery Program permits you to openly reveal and refine the true influence that trauma, as well as abuse, have actually had in your life allowing you to regain a feeling of empowerment as well as possession of your life.

You can reach out to Transitions Recovery Program about addiction treatment services via email or call us at (800) 626-1980.