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Located in South Florida, Transitions Recovery Program is renowned for its provision of cost-effective, high-quality addiction treatment since 1985. The success of our treatment program relies on the ability of our clients to enjoy life without the need for drugs or alcohol. Near Doral you will find the Miami International Mall, a cornerstone shopping attraction. You can also visit the Doral city website or the Chamber of Commerce website to learn more about local businesses and events. The support of Transitions Recovery, paired with the natural beauty of South Florida will help you discover a new, healthy and enjoyable life!

Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Once you decide to seek treatment at Transitions Recovery Program in Florida you are embarking on a journey across the care continuum; with Inpatient Drug and Alcohol treatment, Comprehensive Day Treatment, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Family Inclusive Programming and Lifetime aftercare providing you all the tools necessary for a successful life in recovery. Transitions Recovery recognizes that every individual seeking recovery is unique and offers an individualized treatment program tailored to you, your treatment goals, underlying concerns and possible barriers to successful recovery. Utilizing an ongoing evaluation process your recovery program will grow and change as you do. Your care is reality-based, with trained professionals supervising and teaching you foundational activities and principles necessary to again embrace a healthier, more productive life. Transitions Recovery also offers advocacy services to help patients address employment and legal concerns that may have arisen because of their addiction, helping program participants become empowered in their transition to a new life in recovery!

Dual Diagnosis

You may have failed before on your path to recovery, you may be questioning your ability to cope with the recovery process as well as your ability to face other mental health concerns that may exist with your addiction. Understand that you are not alone, Transitions Recovery recognizes that most people suffering from addiction also struggle with another mental health diagnosis. Studies show that 70% of individuals with drug and alcohol addiction suffer from other mental health concerns and left untreated or unaddressed nearly all these individuals will fail to successfully recover from drug or alcohol addiction. Transitions Recovery Program in Florida has built a unique and comprehensive treatment program for individuals just like you. Successful recovery is possible when you have knowledgeable professionals helping you understand your mental health diagnosis while offering you state of the art treatment techniques, recovery tools, and lifetime support.

Drug rehab Doral Transitions Recovery Program


The thought of addressing your addiction may be overwhelming or even frightening if you are struggling with depression. You may have been using alcohol or other drugs as a way of coping with the symptoms of your depression and you may wonder how you will feel once you stop using drugs or alcohol and pursue recovery. The choice to begin your recovery program with Transitions Recovery Program will place you in the care of highly qualified professionals specially trained to assist you in reclaiming both happiness and sobriety. Your treatment program will begin with a thorough evaluation that will address your needs as a person suffering from both depression and addiction. Depression is real, and you are not alone! Addressing your depression during the recovery process and learning how to not just survive but thrive will give you the strength and empowerment necessary to succeed. Utilizing available medication, proven therapeutic processes and behavior modifications for a healthier life you will be able to find the happiness and sobriety that you seek.

You can learn more about admission to Transitions Recovery Program or call us at (800) 626-1980.


Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illnesses in the United States. These serious brain disorders are estimated to affect more than 20 million Americans (approximately one in nine) every year and often co-occur with substance abuse in dual diagnosis. Several factors seem to contribute to the development of an anxiety disorder with research suggesting that anxiety disorders are both genetic and neurochemical. Our innovative treatment program utilizes an integrative treatment process that addresses the needs of your mind, body, spirit, and emotions. You may have failed in previous attempts at recovery or been afraid of how your body and mind would feel during treatment- avoiding treatment altogether. Know that your decision to seek treatment at Transitions Recovery places you in the hands of experts qualified to offer the most progressive, comprehensive, addiction recovery program available to meet your unique needs.

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are complex disorders that require a treatment program that addresses the full patient; medically, behaviorally, socially and psychologically. It is not uncommon for those seeking treatment for recovery from eating disorders to have attempted recovery many times at many periods in their life. The healthy recovery from an eating disorder requires diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible. For some, immediate medical attention to carefully stabilize weight and/or other health conditions may be required. If you feel that you are suffering from an eating disorder, you are courageous in seeking help. In reaching out to the Transitions Recovery Program you are taking the first steps toward saving your life. Transitions Recovery has treated patients just like you from all over the globe, our skilled staff and comprehensive program has established us as a leader in the treatment of a variety of eating disorders.

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Sexual Addiction

Transitions Recovery understands that those suffering from sexual addiction are often wrought with feelings of guilt and shame. These feelings may have frightened you away from seeking help for your sexual addiction, you may have been too embarrassed to seek help because you may have kept your addiction a secret. Within Transitions Recovery Program you will find treatment that is discreet and confidential while at the same time offering you an environment of acceptance and understanding. Your treatment program is tailored to your unique needs addressing your physical, mental, spiritual and interpersonal health. Services are offered by a team specially trained in the treatment of people just like you, who have found the courage to seek treatment for sexual addiction.

Trauma and Abuse

Many (if not most) people have experienced a varying degree of trauma in their lives. Addressing past trauma is crucial to the recovery from both Trauma/Abuse as well as drug and alcohol addiction. Left unaddressed the effects of abuse and trauma can recur after a patient has completed drug and alcohol treatment, significantly increasing the risk of drug and alcohol relapse. The Trauma and Abuse program at Transitions Recovery provides integrated, individualized treatment for those suffering from the effects of abuse and trauma as well as significant trauma that may have caused PTSD or acute stress disorder. The Transitions Recovery Program allows you to freely express and process the true impact that trauma and abuse have had in your life allowing you to regain a sense of empowerment and ownership of your life.

You can reach out to Transitions Recovery Program about drug rehab services via email or call us at (800) 626-1980.