Drug Rehab Golden Glades

Located in South Florida, Transitions Recovery Program is renowned for its provision of cost-effective, high-quality addiction treatment since 1985. The success of our treatment program relies on the ability of our clients to enjoy life without the need for drugs or alcohol. Near Golden Glades you will find The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, one of the few places to enjoy a walk-through safari. There are also educational exhibits where staff members explain the life of the animals in the zoo. Once you’ve visited the Zoo, take a moment to stop by the Mandarin Museum with exhibits that feature the wreck of the Civil War steamboat Maple Leaf and renowned writer Harriet Beecher Stowe’s life in Mandarin. The museum also includes a gift shop, the Mandarin archives, and an art gallery that exhibits the works of famed local artists such as Memphis Wood and Charlie Brown. You can also view nearby businesses and events when you click the North Miami Beach chamber of commerce link. The support of Transitions Recovery, paired with the natural beauty of South Florida will help you discover a new, healthy and enjoyable life! Call 800-626-1980 now.

Drug and Alcohol Therapy

Once you choose to look for treatment at Transitions Recovery Program in Florida you are starting a trip across the treatment continuum; with Inpatient Drug and Alcohol treatment, Comprehensive Day Treatment, Intensive Outpatient Therapy, Family Members Inclusive Shows as well as Lifetime aftercare supplying you all the tools needed for an effective life in recovery. Transitions Recovery recognizes that every individual looking for recuperation is distinct as well as supplies an individualized therapy program customized to you, your therapy objectives, underlying concerns as well as possible obstacles to successful healing. Making use of a continuous examination process your healing program will expand and change as you do. Your treatment is reality-based, with skilled specialists supervising and also educating you fundamental tasks and principles needed to once again embrace a healthier, much more effective life. Transitions Recovery likewise uses advocacy services in order to help individuals address work as well as legal issues that could have developed because of their dependency, aiding program individuals end up being equipped in their transition to a new life in healing!

Twin Diagnosis

You could have failed prior to on your path to healing, you may be doubting your capability to handle the healing procedure along with your capability to face various other psychological health and wellness problems that might exist with your addiction. Recognize that you are not alone, Transitions Recovery identifies that lots of people dealing with addiction additionally struggle with an additional psychological health medical diagnosis. Researches reveal that 70% of individuals with drug and alcohol dependency deal with various other mental health and wellness issues and left untreated or unaddressed nearly all these people will certainly cannot effectively recuperate from medicine or alcoholism. Transitions Recovery Program in Florida has actually developed a distinct and also thorough treatment program for people similar to you. Effective recovery is possible when you have educated specialists assisting you to understand your psychological health and wellness diagnosis while providing you state of the art treatment methods, recovery devices, as well as lifetime assistance.

drug rehab Golden Glades


The idea of resolving your dependency could be overwhelming or perhaps frightening if you are battling with depression. You may have been using alcohol or various other medicines as a way of dealing with the signs and symptoms of your depression and you could wonder exactly how you will certainly really feel as soon as you stop using drugs or alcohol and go after healing. The selection to start your recovery program with Transitions Recovery Program will place you in the treatment of extremely certified professionals specifically trained to help you in recovering both joy and also soberness. Your therapy program will certainly begin with an extensive evaluation that will certainly resolve your demands as an individual dealing with both clinical depression and also addiction. Anxiety is real, and also you are not the only one! Addressing your depression during the recovery procedure and discovering ways to not just survive yet grow will certainly offer you the stamina and also empowerment essential to succeed. Making use of offered medicine, verified therapeutic procedures as well as therapy for a much healthier life you will certainly have the ability to discover the joy and soberness that you look for.

You can learn more about admission to Transitions Recovery Program or call us at (800) 626-1980.

Stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety problems are the most usual mental illnesses in the United States. These severe brain disorders are approximated to influence greater than 20 million Americans (around one in 9) annually and commonly co-occur with substance abuse in double diagnosis. Numerous elements appear to add to the advancement of an anxiety condition with study recommending that stress and anxiety disorders are both genetic as well as neurochemical. Our ingenious treatment program uses an integrative therapy procedure that attends to the demands of your mind, body, spirit, as well as emotions. You might have failed in previous attempts at recovery or been afraid of just how your mind and body would certainly really feel during treatment- staying clear of treatment entirely. Know that your decision to look for treatment at Transitions Recovery places you in the hands of specialists certified to provide the most progressive, extensive, dependency recuperation program available to meet your special requirements.

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Eating Disorders

Eating conditions are complicated conditions that call for a treatment program that addresses the complete client; medically, behaviorally, socially and also psychologically. It is not uncommon for those looking for treatment for recovery from consuming disorders to have actually tried healing many times at lots of periods in their life. The healthy and balanced healing from an eating disorder requires diagnosis as well as therapy as soon as possible. For some, immediate medical focus on carefully support weight and/or various other wellness problems may be called for. If you really feel that you are experiencing an eating disorder, you are courageous in looking for help. In reaching out to the Transitions Recovery Program you are taking the very first steps toward conserving your life. Transitions Recovery has treated individuals similar to you from all over the world, our knowledgeable team, as well as a comprehensive program, has actually developed us as a leader in the therapy of a variety of eating disorders.

Sex-related Dependency

Transitions Recovery understands that those experiencing sex-related dependency are usually wrought with feelings of guilt as well as embarrassment. These sensations might have scared you away from looking for aid for your sexual dependency, you might have been too humiliated to look for help due to the fact that you might have maintained your dependency a key. Within Transitions Recovery Program you will certainly discover therapy that is discreet and private while at the very same time offering you an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding. Your therapy program is customized to your one-of-a-kind requirements addressing your physical, mental, spiritual and interpersonal health. Services are used by a team particularly learned the treatment of individuals just like you, who have actually located the nerve to seek treatment for sexual addiction.

Injury and Abuse

Numerous (if not most) people have experienced a varying degree of injury in their lives. Dealing with past trauma is essential to the healing from both Trauma/Abuse in addition to drug and alcohol dependency. Left unaddressed the impacts of misuse and trauma could recur after a person has actually completed alcohol and drug treatment, considerably enhancing the risk of drug and alcohol regression. The Injury, as well as Abuse program at Transitions Recovery, provides incorporated, personalized treatment for those dealing with the results of abuse and trauma along with considerable trauma that may have caused PTSD or severe tension disorder. The Transitions Recovery Program permits you to freely share and process the true effect that injury, as well as misuse, have had in your life allowing you to restore a sense of empowerment and possession of your life.

You can reach out to Transitions Recovery Program about drug treatment services via email or call us at (800) 626-1980.