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Former Nurse Wants to Help Others Avoid Prescription Drug Abuse

A former Canadian nurse is hoping that sharing her story of prescription drug addiction will help others to learn from her missteps. People who work in the medical field have stressful work and long hours. Even vast medical knowledge does not prevent someone from falling prey to the temptation of abusing drugs.

After decades of working as a nurse, Brenda Smith found that she had painful arthritis and when her doctor prescribed her a narcotic that contained oxycodone.

My immediate thing was, I know this isn’t a good move,” said Smith, who was already a recovering alcoholic at the time. “But I don’t have a choice ‘cause I can’t stand the pain.

Like many others who succumb to prescription drug addiction, Smith started taking the pills as prescribed but later found she was taking more than what was prescribed. She ended up leaving the nursing profession and eventually decided she needed to go into rehab.

Smith wants to speak out about her experiences because she knows that medical professionals feel the need to appear strong. The desires to help, put others above yourself, and appear in control means that doctors and nurses may be unwilling to admit weaknesses.

If you are dealing with addiction, recognize that it takes great strength to admit you need help. At Transitions we believe that to effectively treat drug and alcohol abuse, a full continuum of treatment services can provide the support that is necessary for addiction recovery.