Getting Help for An Addiction to Painkillers

If you think that as long as you and your family members remain free of addiction, then issues of substance abuse do not pertain to your life, think again. Addiction will not happen to every person in every family or community, but it is a possibility but it is good to know that help with addiction recovery is available. We all have points in our lives when we are vulnerable and can find ourselves in unexpected situations.

A man in Virginia Beach robbed two pharmacies because he needed to feed an addiction to prescription drugs. In one case, he entered a pharmacy, handed a pharmacist a note declaring that he had a gun and that he wanted, among other things Oxycontin, Methadone and morphine.

Sadly, he told authorities that he turned to robbing pharmacies after becoming addicted to prescription medications after he had surgery.

Finding that you have fallen prey to addiction can happen in unexpected ways. The idea that people who engage in substance abuse do so because they want to experiment or because they just have no regard for the law is deceptive. Some people, such as a person who is given painkillers after surgery, do not intend to become addicted. Often people who come to rely on painkillers do not even know that they are addicted until they run out of their prescription.

Experts recommend that you do not try to end an addiction to painkillers on your own. And anyone who wants to “help” by telling you to just get rid of your stash could do you more harm than good. Weaning yourself off of prescription painkillers with the help of medical professions is the way to go. There is no shame in it asking forĀ  help. Painkillers are powerful drugs (which is why they are prescribed in the first place).

Depending on the severity of your dependence on prescription painkillers, your doctor may recommend that you seek treatment on an outpatient basis or at an in-patient drug rehab facility. Again, do not feel bad if you need this kind of help. It is better to get the assistance you need to end an addiction to prescription drugs than to resort to drastic measures to feed an addiction.



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