Heroin Addict Had Touching Words for His Mother

The Oregonian had followed the story of Alec Bates, a young man who struggles to end an addiction to heroin for years and sadly, the publication also had to ultimately record the story of his demise. Bates’ mother Connie Miller spoke of the devastation she felt she when she saw him panhandling and he was so strung out he didn’t recognize her. Miller wanted the paper’s readers to know that her son was more than a drug addict.  Like many addicts he was able to stay sober for a while, but he relapsed.  Miller told The Oregonian that at one point her son told her that she couldn’t blame herself for the choices he made.

While success stories in which a substance abuser overcome addition and goes on to lead an exemplary life make us feel good, we also need to pay attention to the stories of those who are not able to resist. Bates’ words to his mother are important because addiction does not just affect the patient; it also has a profound effect on their loved ones. This is why Transitions Recovery offers a Family Program that addresses the needs of family members and significant others. We believe that families need and deserve support just as the patient does. Recovery can begin for the family at Transitions Recovery substance abuse and addiction treatment program.

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