Heroin – the New Drug of Choice for Teens and Young Adults

Easy access to heroine is contributing to an increase of teens and young adults seeking treatment in Texas and Ft. Worth drug rehab centers, according to EverythingLubbock.com. Dr. George Comiskey is Associate Director of Texas Tech’s Center for the Study of Addiction and Recovery. He said the body and brain of heroin users is altered almost immediately upon their first use. Heroin can ruin the person’s family life, work life, physical health, and acerbate existing mental and emotional problems. While the heroin problem may be worse in some states than it is in Texas, care givers and doctors at Ft. Worth drug rehab locations are noticing an increase in the number of young patients.

Treating addiction requires specialized knowledge

Comiskey noted that addressing the heroin problem requires more than just trying to keep it off the streets. People have to be treated for addiction from the inside out. An increase in the number of teens trying heroin is driving the demand. As long as there are users, there will be an unending supply of the drug. Although heroin is not the top drug of choice for addicts in West Texas, its use is increasing. Whether supplied from Mexico, China, or other parts of the world, The U.S. remains the largest market for mind altering drugs.

Why young people are using heroin

Some drugs are popular because they keep people awake for several hours or days. People driving long distances or working multiple jobs may abuse stimulants. Young people often try heroin to escape the pain and stresses of their lives. They then fall victim to the tight grip of addiction. Comiskey says education on the dangers of heroin is crucial, and getting proper help for those already using.

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