Do You Have a Drinking Problem?

According to a survey conducted by CDC in 2009, 52% of adults aged 18 or older drank regularly, meaning that they consumed a minimum of 12 drinks in the past year. It’s also found that 13% of adults aged 18 or over drank infrequently, meaning that they consumed 11 drinks or less in the past year. If you are a frequent drinker, how do you know if you have developed a drinking problem and whether you should take the next step to enroll in an alcohol abuse recovery program? Here’s a list of questions to help you along.

• Do you drink when you are alone?
• Do you drink as a form of escape from the problems of work, school or home?
• Do you lose time from work or school as a result of drinking?
• Do you drink to get a boost in self-confidence?
• After you drink, do you feel depressed or guilty?
• Do you socialize better after you have a drink or two?
• When you are out on a date, do you need to have a drink?
• Are your relationships with family, colleagues, and friends affected by your drinking?
• Has your drinking habit ever gotten you into some sort of financial difficulties?
• Do you drink to the point where you cannot drink anymore?
• Do you think that you have developed a drinking problem?
• Have you ever been arrested or hospitalized due to drunken behavior?
• Has your drinking ever caused you to suffer from a complete loss of memory?
• Do you feel offended when someone points out that you may have had a little too much to drink?

You are likely to have developed a drinking problem if you have answered affirmatively to some of these questions. Perhaps, it’s time to look for an in patient alcohol rehab where experts and support groups will work with you to overcome your problems. It’s great that you have come to realize that you can take control of your life again. Our addiction recovery programs can help you win the fight against alcohol abuse.

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