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Intensive Out Patient Programs are Integrated into Your Daily Routines

While one of the 12 steps involves admitting powerlessness over addiction, it does not necessarily entail that you must admit this to everyone you know. This does not mean you should carry a lot of shame or guilt, but rather that it is most important to admit this powerlessness to yourself. You can tell family members, friends and co-workers if you feel they are trustworthy and need to know.

You may be able to get the help you need without leaving work or school for an inpatient stay. Some people require inpatient treatment to work towards sobriety, while others can continue daily activities and participate in addiction recovery on an out patient basis.

At Transitions Recovery Program, we have an intensive out patient program that consists of 6 weeks of carefully monitored drug and alcoholism addiction treatment at our convenient North Miami Beach location. Patients who choose this program enjoy the flexibility of continuing to go to work or continuing to attend school while accomplishing addiction recovery goals. We offer therapeutic sessions during the day, evenings and on weekends.

Even though it is not inpatient care, put out patient program is as we describe it: intensive. Emphasis is placed on the disease concept of addiction, participating in AA and/or NA and the inclusion of family members in treatment.

Some people benefit from getting rehab treatment while they continue their other daily routines because it might be too disruptive for them stay at a treatment facility. Others find it very helpful to  immediately put what they are learning into practice in their lives.