Lindsay Lohan Admits to Alcohol Addiction

By Jeannie Colter reports that in an interview Lindsay Lohan told Oprah Winfrey that she “feels clear-headed and whole” after spending three months in a Florida drug and alcohol rehab facility.  The article headline, “Lindsay Lohan admits to Oprah Winfrey she is addicted to alcohol” makes a very important point: which is that one part of overcoming addiction is to admit to having an addiction. Lohan said that for her alcohol had been a “gateway” to using other substances but that now she only takes vitamins and medication for acid reflux.

For those who take part in Twelve Step programs, step 5 is “Admitted to God, to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs” and as is the case with all of the twelve steps this can be a very powerful action to take. Some addicts continue in denial for a very long time and even when they start to be more honest, they don’t want to own up to all they’ve done. While people around an addict may think the addiction is pretty obvious, they have to remember that for the addict admitting to substance abuse is anything but simple. Admitting to and acknowledging an addiction means that eventually one will have to accept responsibility for making changes to overcome that addiction. Even when someone is willing to admit to themselves and others that they have an addiction, they may not be quite ready to do the work to change.

And for someone like Lindsay Lohan who has had the entire world watch her struggle with substance abuse, the willingness to a widely publicized interview admitting to addiction takes some courage. Again, others may say they knew it all along but batting an addiction is tough with being a celebrity is very difficult so it is that much more difficult to do so with everyone watching…and knowing that many people are not exactly cheering you on.

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