Depression Treatment Center

Transition Recovery Program is a warm and friendly depression treatment center ready to help you on your way to full recovery. When you come to us for depression treatment, our loving and caring team will perform a thorough evaluation to gain deeper insights on your symptoms so that we can come with the most appropriate treatment plan, specially customized to meet your specific treatment needs.

In as much as people suffering from depression may share common symptoms, depression has several causes and effects, therefore, each patient will have a unique experience. It is a complex disorder, and if not treated in good time, the patient may be forced to endure great suffering.

Most depression treatment centers usually offer patients with safe environments where they can explore painful topics and deal with the specific challenges that depression might have caused in their lives. At Transition Recovery Program, we have well trained therapists to deal with a wide variety of mental conditions and they have the skills and the experience needed to address all the emotional pains that depression patients usually have to go through.
Residential Treatment at Transition Recovery Program

Chronic depression is a serious problem and it has the ability to hamper our effectiveness in decision making, holding jobs, attending school or interacting with others socially. In more severe cases, depression can be so intimidating that you feel as if you no longer have a reason to be alive. Some people will attempt to self-medicate the problem while others may turn to drugs and alcohol for temporary relief. But there is no need to try and tackle depression on your own when you can get expert assistance from the right professionals at Transition Recovery Program.

We provide affordable and reliable services aimed at offering the best possible depression treatments to our clients. Our programs are offered in warm, caring and nurturing environments to make it easy and less painful for our patients to recover. It will also please you to know that at our depression treatment center, we have a specially trained staff, with the skills and the experience needed to offer the ultimate care and treatment for all depression patients.

Types Of Treatment Offered at Transition Recovery Program
At Transition Recovery depression treatment center, we employ different treatment options for our clients. The suitable treatment plan is reached at after the patient has undergone a thorough assessment to ascertain the best method that will yield good results. The following are some of the treatment options available at our depression treatment center-:

We use medication at the initial stages primarily to reduce anxiety and other disorders. Some patients will easily leave medication as they learn about other adaptive mechanisms for coping up with depression. However, most of the depression patients under our residential care usually rely on antidepressants for a long time to keep the symptoms away. In our depression treatment center, we would like to assure you that the use of medication will be closely monitored and adjusted appropriately by your treatment team.

Individual Therapy
Individual therapy is another treatment option offered at Transition Recovery depression treatment center. This method aims at addressing personal issues that might relate to the condition and also try to identify the links between depression and any other co-occurring disorders. Our treatment uses a technique known as cognitive behavioral therapy to rectify errors or distortion in thinking so as to help the patient to challenge the bad thoughts and replace them more adaptive thoughts to gain a better perception of the world.

Group Therapy
With group therapy, the patients are given a chance to bond, work together to solve various problems and also process difficult emotions together. During the group therapies, the clients will discuss common issues related to their problems or a co-occurring problem like substance abuse, suicide attempts or trauma. Within the groups, we also focus on topics such as re-entering social situations, new coping strategies, strategies for dealing with co-occurring situations, risks for triggering depression and also how to prevent relapse.

Family Therapy
Family therapy is always an important part of treatment and we regard it highly in our depression treatment center. Our clients do not survive in isolation, but are part of a large system comprising loved family members, close friends, and loved ones who also need to be part of the treatment. With the family therapies, clients have an opportunity to interact with their loved ones, and talk freely about depression, treatments, and the progress realized so far. The sessions also give the family members and loved ones a chance to share with the patients how they have coped as family and friends following the depression.

Complementary Experimental Methods
We also offer a variety of experimental methods to complement the traditional treatment options already available at our depression treatment center. These therapeutic methods include but are not limited to the following-:
Body Work
Art therapy
Somatic Experiencing
Equine therapy

Depression Treatment Philosophy and Benefits
At Transition Recovery depression treatment center, we consider the individual patient and come up with personalized treatment plans which cover all aspects and offer the greatest good to the client. We evaluate our clients on a regular basis to ensure that their needs are met in an awesome environment. As a holistic depression treatment center, we work with every patient, carefully listening to them and guiding them on every step towards the path of discovery from depression.

Continuing Care
As the time of your discharge from the depression treatment center draws near, we will sit down with you and your loved ones to come up with a plan for continued care once you leave the facility. Depending on your flexibility and preferences, you may opt to continue with treatments during the day then go home in the evening as most clients usually prefer. If you think that you have made enough progress with your treatment in our depression treatment center, then you can just go home with appointment for outpatient services.
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