Maryland Drug Abuse Treatment For Families, Friends and Individuals

Maryland Drug Abuse Treatment For Families, Friends and Individuals

Drug abuse is often a disease that plagues many families and friends in a way that ruins lives and causes too much pain. In Maryland alone, thousand of people continue to use alcohol and drugs to suppress pain, sadness, and other traumas that haunt them throughout their daily lives. Statistics show the dominance of heroin, alcohol, and cocaine as the number one drugs abused in Maryland, with 40% of those focused on addiction to alcohol. These staggering facts are the reason many people need help, whether they are users themselves, or if they know and love someone who has been dealing with this abuse.

Seeking help is not easy. Many abusers are in denial and need to come around on their own terms. Many family members and friends might also not want to face the reality of what their loved one is going through. For these many reasons, residents of Maryland turn to Transitions Recovery of North Miami Beach, Florida to give extensive care and support to drug abusers, friends, and family members.

Transitions Recovery is located on the sunny Miami Beach and is home to a peaceful, caring facility with a staff full of compassionate and skilled counselors, doctors, and caregivers who have made it their life goals to provide support for those in need. Since 1985, Transitions Recovery Program has offered residential inpatient drug abuse treatment, as well as extensive outpatient treatment and aftercare to those Maryland residents affected drug abuse. As a nationally JCAHO accredited and state-licensed drug and alcohol rehabilitation service provider, our stunning beachside facilities provide patients with the building blocks to gain back control of their lives and futures.

Addiction Rehab Centers in Maryland

Support For All – Overcoming MD Drug Abuse

Transition Recovery Program is dedicated to providing well-rounded support to patients the minute they come into our care. Individual assessments and programs are made in order to fully ensure the patient’s success in beginning a sober life, and support for families is also available through family support groups, multi-family groups, and individual therapy. We believe it is important for those close to the patient to be fully educated on ways they can help their loved through this difficult time.

Inpatient and residential care of drug abuse treatment starts with detoxification, as the body needs to rid itself of these abnormal chemicals and replenish back into it’s normal functionality. This process is best experienced at our North Miami Beach facility because of the location and atmosphere of peacefulness and calm. It allows users not only to detoxify physically, but also mentally with support and care.

Patients continue their recovery focusing on education of drug abuse, group therapy sessions, relapse prevention groups, and one-on-one treatment counseling. Along with these extensive programs is the chance to heal aspects of the patients lives that supported their drug addiction including depression, eating disorders, unresolved trauma and abuse, sexual addiction, and training of anger management. This complete approach to diving into the “why” and “how” of our patient’s mind really gives the patient, staff, and family members the tools they need to rebuild a foundation that is healthy and pure.

Treatment That Extends Beyond The Walls Of Transition Recovery

Patients who are ready to explore building a reality-based sober life have a variety of options and steps to take depending on their personal journey. They can be involved on our Extended Care Program where they take on normal, every day responsibilities while staying within the treatment center, including grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, etc. Patients also have the ability to take part of our 6-week program where they can enjoy going to school, getting a job, and enjoying taking part once again in society while accomplishing addiction recovery goals through therapy sessions and continuing carefully monitored drug abuse treatment.

As patients begin their journey away from the facility, Transition Recovery provides a continuum of care that helps them gradually ease their way back into the challenges of daily life. This may involve aftercare support groups both at our Florida drug treatment center and external groups in their local community, continued support and therapy sessions on a healthy lifestyle, relationships, or legal advice, and continued help from our substance abuse professionals, to name a few.

Learn Why Maryland Residents Turn To Transitions For Drug Abuse Treatment

Recovering from drug abuse involves a painful lifestyle change full of growth and the need for companionship and care. Our holistic approach provides the foundation for establishing and maintaining an extensive aftercare program specific towards each patient’s needs and provides lifetime support. Give us a call to find out why so many people have found healing and strength through our substance abuse treatment programs 800-298-1783.