Helping Maryland Overcome Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is a chronic illness plaguing thousands of Maryland residents every year. With 40% of users abusing alcohol, 30% subjected to heroin, and the other 30% affected by cocaine and other drugs, substance abuse treatment has become a critical turning point in the lives of those affected by drugs and alcohol. This is why many people in Maryland choose to leave their home state to begin their detoxification and overall treatment in a beautiful and peaceful setting, removed from the addictive life they know.

At Transitions Recovery Program, we are proud to provide a safe haven for those searching for a new beginning and a life full of support and care in Miami Beach, Florida. Since 1985, Transitions Recovery has provided help for substance abusers through all walks of life, including their family members and friends who also need counseling and education. As a nationally JCAHO accredited and state-licensed drug and alcohol rehabilitation service provider, Transitions Recovery believes a holistic approach to treatment and recovery is essential to the well-being of the patient. The cornerstone of our drug and alcohol addiction treatment philosophy is that recovery from chemical dependency is achievable. Even for those who feel overwhelmed with despair and hopelessness.

Addiction Rehab Centers in Maryland

A Well-Rounded Substance Abuse Treatment Program With Positive Results

Our substance abuse treatment programs recognize that chemical dependency is a treatable condition with a high potential for successful recovery. Awareness and understanding, along with behavioral healthcare services in a reality-based setting, provide patients with the tools they need to begin their journey on a path to a sober lifestyle.

Through substance abuse treatment, patients receive counseling and education on substance abuse, 12-step programs, relapse prevention groups, group therapy, legal system advocacy, and introduction to community resources. These intensive programs are the stepping blocks for providing care and helping the patient to understand themselves in a way that they may have been unfamiliar with before treatment.

Another crucial aspect of treatment for the patients involves the help they receive on the aspects of their lives that have supported and even caused their substance abuse in the first place. Every person has their own reasons as to why they have become addicted to drugs or alcohol. They may not even understand why, or they may know exactly what is going on. Through counseling on depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and other traumas they may have experienced, patients begin to unravel the story behind their lives, where they were headed, and where they have the choice to go from here. This individual holistic approach provides patients and our staff with the tools needed to create a life that is free from all of the abusive elements that have bound them for many years.

Substance Abuse Treatment Aftercare

As patients begin to progress in their reality-based treatments at Transitions Recovery in North Miami Beach, a variety of programs become available to ease them back into society in a way that suits the individual’s specific needs.

For those that need more time and continued support, our extended care program is an effective way to ease patients back into real life by added responsibilities including grocery shopping, cooking, and maintaining the cleanliness of living quarters, all monitored by drug treatment center staff. Transition Recovery also offers a 6-week program that allows patients to become more involved in society where they can enjoy the flexibility to work or attend school while accomplishing addiction recovery goals, with therapeutic sessions available during the day or evenings and on weekends.

When patients are ready, drug treatment aftercare support groups both at our Florida drug treatment center and external groups play an important role in overcoming substance abuse and dual diagnosis. All Transitions Recovery drug treatment center psychiatric and psychological services remain available to patients for life, including continued relapse prevention education and 24-hour access to drug treatment center staff.

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Substance abuse treatment at Transitions Recovery offers help to patients with residential treatment, outpatient treatment, and family treatment, including family counseling and therapy sessions. This well-rounded approach to providing the ultimate care for all of those affected by substance abuse is the reason Transitions Recovery continues to excel in substance abuse treatment. These specialized programs change lives and shape the future for those that never thought they had one. Contact us today to find out how we can help better your life and support the ones you love. 800-626-1980.