MDMA Abuse Rises in New Jersey High Schools

With abuse of heroin and painkillers rising to new levels in New Jersey and other states, officials are now turning their attention to destructive synthetic drugs that are gaining popularity among high school students. Chief among these is MDMA, also known as Molly, Ecstasy or simply X.

MDMA first gained a foothold among young adults who frequented clubs and raves, but has now grown into more widespread use. The drug provides a double whammy with a stimulant effect similar to that of amphetamines along with a hallucinogenic effect that mimics that of mescaline. Ingestion is via pill form and the effects generally last three to six hours.

According to Det. Mike Zaccone, Student Resource Officer in New Jersey’s Wayne School District, the primary danger of MDMA is that it elevates a user’s body temperature into dangerous and sometimes fatal levels. Det. Zaccone states, “By the time the kid is taken to the emergency room there is little that can be done to bring it [body temperature] down. Kids are literally frying themselves to death.”

Det. Zaccone goes on to explain that kids are going to clubs and parties where no alcohol is served, but MDMA is freely available. The user’s blood temperature begins to climb, aggravated by vigorous physical activity in crowded, poorly ventilated buildings. Teens end up paying high amounts of money for water in an attempt to lower their temperature and alleviate other symptoms such as rapid heartbeat.

Early treatment for teenage drug users is a vital step to prevent abuse from becoming a lifelong pattern. If you have a New Jersey teen who is using MDMA or other drugs, our Miami-based rehab center offers a quiet, supportive place for treatment. Our multi-disciplinary staff will work with your teen to create a program for recovery based on his or her individual needs. Visit our website for more details about our comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment program.

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