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More Doctors are Training to Specialize in Addiction

The New York Times says that the medical profession is now starting to acknowledge the physical aspects of addiction, recognizing what many who have already been through addiction recovery already know: sobriety is a lifelong endeavor.

“There is an age-old debate over alcoholism: is the problem in the sufferer’s head — something that can be overcome through willpower, spirituality or talk therapy, perhaps — or is it a physical disease, one that needs continuing medical treatment in much the same way as, say, diabetes or epilepsy?

Increasingly, the medical establishment is putting its weight behind the physical diagnosis.”

Medical students are now specializing in addiction and there are more than a few medical schools that offer one-year residencies for those who are interested. “Nora D. Volkow, the neuroscientist in charge of the National Institute on Drug Abuse. …called the lack of substance-abuse education among general practitioners “a very serious problem.”

As a facility with in patient alcohol rehab, Transitions has long recognized that patients need support after they complete an alcohol abuse recovery program. This is why we like to counsel families while patients are going through our program. That way, when  a patient leaves, they do not return to family members who are completely unaware of addiction. Family members are better equipped to provide support it they have some idea of that a patient has been through and have had time to process their own feelings about the patient’s substance abuse.

We also offer lifetime continuing care because the intensive addiction treatment patient receives at Transitions Recovery drug treatment center is just the beginning of addiction recovery. The article also discussed how some people are left on their own after finishing several weeks of rehab.

It can be devastating for an individual suffering from drug or alcohol addiction and their family if relapse prevention is not addressed thoroughly upon completion of a drug treatment program. Drug and alcohol addiction is a disease. All patients at Transitions Recovery drug treatment center have access to lifetime support in their continuing addiction recovery and relapse prevention.