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Myths About Seeking Help at a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

By Jeannie Colter

In “Breaking Down the Myths about Substance Abuse Treatment,” World of Psychology examines some misguided beliefs that may be getting in the way of you or a loved one seeking help at a drug and alcohol treatment center. We know how hard it is to take that first step and how tempting it can be to hold onto ideas that make it seem okay to resist getting help. If you can convince yourself that you don’t need help then you don’t have to make the changes that sobriety may require.

“Treatment doesn’t work until you’ve hit “rock bottom.”

“Rock Bottom” is not an enviable place to be. If someone can recognize their need for assistance before hitting rock bottom, then he or she can begin the journey towards sobriety with the assistance of trained professionals–there is no need to wait until things have become unbearable.

World of Psychology says, “You don’t have to be homeless, lose your job, lose your family, or lose everything before treatment can work. The earlier you engage in treatment, the better.”

“Treatment isn’t necessary because people can stop using drugs if they really want to.”

Long-term sobriety is not easy, even for the most determined among us. Why? Well, despite our best intentions, addiction actually alters your brain and brain chemistry. Without intending to, people that succumb to addiction may in some ways, rewire their brains. However, there is hope because the trained staff of a drug and alcohol treatment center can help patients overcome this challenge.

“All treatment centers are the same.”

This is certainly not the case but telling oneself this can be another way to avoid getting help.  At Transitions Recovery, we design individual treatment plans so that each patient can receive the kind of care needed to transition from being depending on a substance to being self-reliant. We also offer Lifetime Continuing Care so former patients can continue to get support and this is not something that happens at every drug and alcohol treatment center.

Tired of resisting and ready for a change? Call us at 800-626-1980.