New Documentary Examines Singer’s Addiction and Recovery

People who don’t know much about James Taylor’s life story might not imagine that he was once addicted to heroin when they listen to his songs. There is a mellow and relaxed sound to a lot of his music and people might not guess that things were not always going smoothly for the singer and songwriter.

The Telegraph notes that:

“In a new documentary called Troubadour, about Taylor, [singer-songwriter Carole] King and the California scene, he notes that only about 15 per cent of recovering heroin addicts go on to live meaningful lives and is humbled by his good fortune and the audience that has continued to support him. He has credited live performance with helping him turn his life around from a period when he “looked like ashes and smelled like smoke”.”

We don’t know about Taylor’s grim statistics, but encourage people who have a substance abuse habit to work towards addiction recovery at a drug and alcohol rehab center. With the help of qualified and caring professionals, you can get to sobriety and transition into a better life.

Taylor was teen playing guitar in coffeehouses when he was hit with a serious bout of depression. After spending nine months in a psychiatric hospital, Taylor went back to the music scene. He told the Telegraph that checking into the hospital was a life-saving move. It was after this that moved to New York and there started to abuse heroin.

Taylor, who is now in his 60s, used drugs until he was in his mid-30s and this was one contributing factor that led to the end of his marriage to singer-songwriter Carly Simon.

Now Taylor is living a much more settled life. He is married for the third time and is the father of 11-year-old twins. The music he wrote that soothed others ended up helping him: “Walking out on to the stage of a Brazilian soccer stadium in the mid-Eighties, he was “thrilled” to be greeted by 300,000 people who knew the words to Fire and Rain. “It really picked me up and turned me around.”

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