Drug Abuse Treatment Center

North Carolina Drug Abuse Treatment With Transitions Recovery

With the Appalachian Mountains to the west, and the beautiful Atlantic Coastal Plains to the east, North Carolina a gorgeous southern state with booming populations in its major cities and towns. But as North Carolina continues to grow and evolve, the number of people using and dying from drug abuse still remains the same. Year after year, thousands of people in North Carolina use illicit drugs and become dependent on their effects. This results in an average of about 1200 people losing their lives to drug and alcohol addiction in North Carolina. Little by little since 1985, Transitions Recovery in Miami, Florida has been changing the outcomes of this devastating trend.

Believe it or not, Transitions Recovery has helped dozens of North Carolina natives get over their drug addictions and live a sober life full of opportunities and happiness. As one of the best drug abuse rehab centers in the country, Transition Recovery is a cost-effective, reality-based care center that uncovers the truth behind why people use drugs and sets them free of their abuse. We are nationally-accredited and state-licensed as a drug and alcohol rehabilitation service provider with the top, most passionate professionals and caregivers in the nation.

One of the reasons we are so successful in our treatment of drug abuse is because of our location. Since we are in sunny Florida, the people that come to us from North Carolina are completely removed from the life they knew. Here they begin a new journey of self-awareness, self-love, and healing that they cannot get while still in the same area of where they can obtain drugs and have experienced using them. Since our facilities are located on North Miami Beach, the peaceful draw of the ocean, combined with our endless sunny days, really supports our philosophy of profound hope and positive anticipation for the future as well.

We offer a variety of programs based on each individual’s unique path through abuse and recovery.  These programs include but are not limited to, residential extended care program, day treatment, intensive outpatient, aftercare, and a family program for all alcohol and drug abuse patients. Our reality-based treatments also extend into aftercare planning, alcohol and drug education, 12-step recovery principles and participation in 12-step programs, and active participation in the local recovery community that have proven to prevent relapses for many of our patients.

Additionally, at Transitions Recovery, we provide our patients with only the best doctors, therapists, nurses, and support groups that demonstrate a commitment to excellence that extends beyond their job titles. Our patients are not only surrounded by this fantastic community of love but also surrounded by people who have walked in their shoes and know exactly what they are going through. We pride ourselves in promoting cooperative working relationships with behavioral healthcare professionals and work closely with organizations within our community. Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated in our attainment of the JCAHO’s Gold Seal of Approval.

Successful drug rehabilitation is a lifelong process that is not always crystal clear, nor complete.  At Transitions Recovery, we are committed to providing our patients with lifelong support, whenever they need help, advice, or care. The greatest testament to our drug abuse treatments are our consistent positive results for the past three decades and we are happy to be able to provide the residents of North Carolina with the care they need to fully change their lives for the better like many before them.

If you or someone you know needs help or advice on their next steps to living a sober life full of happiness and support, give us a call and find out why so many people take a chance on Transitions Recovery. We promise to stay committed and dedicated to the things you need as a family member, friend, or abuser of drugs. We know it isn’t hard taking that first step, but if it saves a life, then it is immensely worth it. Please call us immediately so we can start helping you now at 800-626-1980.