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One State’s $1.85 Billion Impact from Substance Abuse, What’s Yours?

New Hampshire’s drug and alcohol abuse cost in 2012 was $1.85 billion, which is just a fraction of the overall cost of $600 billion annually in the United States. These figures plainly show the impact of drug and alcohol abuse on our Nation’s economy.

Minding the finances

Putting a price tag on a person’s addiction means looking beyond the financial impact it has on the person using the substance. Not only treatment facilities but other medical care costs such as emergency and prescription charges are involved. There are also numerous adverse effects in the workplace such as decreased productivity and worker disputes, not to mention the criminal justice related costs that can be included.

College students and teens are especially susceptible to drug and alcohol abuse, and finding an accredited drug rehab treatment center is imperative. For those who have little money and no insurance substance abuse treatment seems like it might be unreachable, but this is where our state governments can step in to help.

Many employers hope that their state’s budgeting process won’t forget about the importance of prevention and treatment of drug and alcohol abuse because these addictions have adverse effects in the workplace such as having employees who are unable to pass drug tests. With affordable drug rehab treatment, there are fewer interpersonal conflicts, greater workplace productivity and fewer drug-related accidents, including overdoses and deaths.

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