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The Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic – Is There Hope?

Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse is on the rise in the US. More than 52 million Americans over the age of 11 have used these drugs for non-medical reasons at least once, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. While some stop at just one, others soon find themselves struggling with addiction.

What’s Behind the Growing Prescription Drug Abuse Problem?

Being able to easily obtain prescription drugs from people they know or even from doctors is one part of the problem. Well-meaning family, friends or acquaintances sometimes hand over a pill or two, which can kickstart this addiction. The other part of the problem is how quickly addiction develops with these substances, such as painkillers or sleeping pills.

How Do You Help Those With an Addiction?

Addiction to prescription drugs isn’t easy to overcome, but it’s possible with the right treatment. Finding a prescription drug abuse program that provides compassionate care and effective ways to achieve recovery from an addiction is essential. Other ways to help reduce the occurrence of prescription drug abuse include:

  • Being aware of this problem. Many people are surprised to find out that a family member or someone else they’re close to is struggling with prescription drug abuse. Acknowledge that it does happen and help your loved one seek treatment.
  • Watching for signs of abuse. If you suspect that a loved one might be abusing prescription drugs, look for signs of abuse, such as bloodshot eyes, sudden weight changes, sleep changes, unusual smells, impaired coordination or appetite changes.
  • Not sharing prescriptions. Don’t share any prescription medications with others, even if you mean well. Encourage them to see their doctor if they’re experiencing pain, trouble sleeping or other medical issues.

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