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Prescription Drug Abuse – It All Starts with a Pain in Your Back

Most addictions begin in secret: a young person sneaking cigarettes from their parent’s supply; perhaps sneaking some beers from the refrigerator or otherwise obtaining alcohol illegally and under-aged. Many drug addicts dwell on the wrong side of town and the wrong side of the law. They obtain their contraband in dark streets from shady characters. But people who are prescribed pills for a legitimate pain can also fall into the grip of addiction. There is no reason for any addict to feel ashamed.

A growing problem

As more opioids are prescribed, more people are becoming addicted to these controlled substances that were intended to improve the function and quality of life for people who suffer from temporary or chronic pain. Pain killers are the most commonly abused prescription drug. One of the most effective painkillers is the very costly Oxycodone.

Painkiller abuse

Much of the problem begins when individuals deviate from the doctor’s advice and self-manage their pain. This can quickly lead to doctor shopping and refilling their prescriptions more often than directed by their doctor. More than half of the people abusing prescription drugs are obtaining them from friends or acquaintances who obtained them via a doctor’s prescription. Due to the high cost of many of the painkillers, addicts soon must steal to support their habit.

Side effects of abuse

Even though the drug was manufactured by a reputable pharmaceutical company and originally prescribed by a doctor, the associated problems can be as severe as those of illegal drugs and include:

  • Liver damage
  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Social isolation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Legal problems
  • Death by overdose

The caring and knowledgeable staff of our Miami, Florida treatment center have experience helping patients achieve and maintain freedom from all forms of substance abuse. Based on a comprehensive evaluation, we will craft an treatment program that is individually tailored for you or your loved one. Call us at 800-626-1980 for more information.