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Reality-Based Residential Miami, Florida Drug Rehab

By Jeannie Colter

These days the meaning of the words “reality” has been twisted and when we hear that word, the first thing that may come to mind are reality television programs that, while not scripted, do not exactly depict real life. For many of us, reality is nowhere near as entertaining as what we see on many of the television shows that claim to show us “reality.”

At our Miami, Florida Drug Rehab we offer reality-based residential drug treatment that is grounded in our desire to see our patients return to their lives and their families equipped to handle the ups and downs and the mundane routines that is reality for so many of us. There are a number of things that lead someone to substance abuse and other compulsive behaviors and sometimes ordinary life can feel like a letdown after one has experienced the a number of “highs.” At Transitions Recovery, patients relearn skills that help them ease their way back into daily life gradually, regaining the confidence to make choices that support sustained addiction recovery. At our residential drug treatment center, patients pursue everyday activities such as shopping and meal preparation in a supervised reality-based environment.

We offer comfortable apartment living in a private, gated North Miami Beach, Florida community. While our apartments may or may not exactly match a patient’s own home, the setting we offer is designed to create a feeling of stability. It is our desire that our patients spend their time with us laying the groundwork for a healthy, active, and sober lifestyle.

Our goal during treatment is help our patients transition back to their lives. We recognize that our secluded setting may be much more relaxing than the fast-paced lifestyle many of us experience. We focus on important issues so that a patient who feels peaceful at our Miami, Florida Drug Rehab will also be strengthened and made ready to face life challenges once they leave. The areas we work in include: relationships, assertiveness, anger management, coexisting mental health conditions, spirituality, relapse prevention.