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Rehab and Treatment for Drug Abuse and Addiction

By: Thom Gorman | Published: 11/26/2012

Drug abuse and addiction has been a growing problem in the U.S. for several decades. It seems as if the only change is the drug of choice, currently causing the biggest health problems in different areas of the country, today.

NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) reports tell us that the most abused prescription drugs are those for pain relief, depressants for anxiety and sleep problems followed by stimulants for ADHD, narcolepsy, and obesity.

  1. Alcohol
  2. Marijuana and hashish (cannabinoids)
  3. Vicodin (an opioid)
  4. Cough medicines
  5.  Adderall (a stimulant for ADHD)
  6.  Tranquilizers
  7. Salvia (a dissociative drug)
  8. Hallucinogens
  9. OxyContin (an opioid)
  10. Sedatives
  11. Ecstasy (a synthetic club drug)
  12. inhalants (solvents, aerosol propellants, nitrites, etc)
  13. Cocaine (a stimulant)
  14. Ritalin (a stimulant for ADHD)


Any of these substances can create addiction or dependency in even a legitimate user. There are very few options to recovery, especially on an at home or outpatient level.

Care at an alcohol, drug abuse and addiction treatment center provides an addicted adult with the best chance for successful recovery. Clinical care along with the structured lifestyle and support of a professional staff provides a clean and sober pathway back to work, family, and the community at large. A safe environment from which to operate these programs is an absolute must.

When one member of the family contracts the disease of alcoholism, drug abuse and addiction the entire family feels the effect. The whole family may have faced additional damage, in the form of stress-related spousal or child abuse, separation, divorce, D.U.I. accidents, neglect, financial loss, theft, general violence and other things less easily predicted.

Many family members may attempt to keep up appearances or may even be in denial. None of these things will help either the addicted member or the rest of his or her family. Some find it impossible to come to grips with the situation. They just can’t seem to help in any meaningful way and any home-grown attempt to control the substance abuser by removing the drugs or alcohol is doomed to failure. The most sincere promises of abstinence by the abuser will never be kept.
By this time, the whole family has been infected with one or more symptoms of living with the effects of alcoholism, drug abuse and addiction; professional help is the only viable option.

Because of the guilt, shame, anger, confusion and feelings of inadequacy or helplessness by parents and siblings, alcoholism, drug abuse and addiction must be treated as a family disease. The family should have a professional support team trained to coach and guide them to be actively involved in the detoxification, treatment and rehabilitation stages, which work hand-in-hand to achieve a lasting cure.

Participation in this type of family program, while the addicted member attends a drug abuse and addiction rehab program can be a life-changing experience. Years of hurt, confusion and shame can be healed while the effects of the disease and any accompanying mental illnesses, in dual diagnosis patients, are fully explained and the addicted member’s own issues are fully addressed. The love and support of a family is the most important ingredient in the overall cure.

There is such a place and there is such a program available to you and your addicted family member. Transitions Recovery has a beautiful and safe gated facility in Miami, Florida, a world class staff and the individualized detox and treatment needed to achieve a full recovery. Bottom line – if I had a family member with an alcohol or drug abuse and addiction problem; my first call would be to Transitions.