Rehab for Kings of Leon’s Caleb?

Millions of Kings of Leon fans are understandably let down when the band announced the cancellation of its remaining US tour in 2011. According to the band, lead singer Caleb Followill cannot continue touring because he’s “suffering from vocal issues and exhaustion.” However, the problem seems to be much deeper. Sources close to the band reveal that Caleb has been struggling with alcohol abuse for some time, and it’s threatening to derail his career. For this reason, he has been urged to enter an alcohol abuse recovery program.

More and more, we are seeing how celebrities are being ruined by alcohol and drugs. Almost every few days, there will be some news about some celebrity in some sort of addiction or abuse problem. In the concert on July 29th, 2011 in Dallas, Texas, it was reported that Caleb was in an intoxicated state. Making nonsensical, slurred speeches between songs, he claimed that the weather was too hot. After playing a few songs, Caleb told the audience that he was going to go backstage to vomit and drink a beer. He also promised the audience that he would return and sing a few more songs but he never appeared again for the night. Kings of Leon was booed of the stage.

Just about a year ago, Kings of Leon won Record of the Year, Best Rock Song, and Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards. Together with his brothers Nathan and Jared, and his cousin Matthew, Caleb fronts a relatively young rock band with a growing reputation, adoring fan base, increasing sales, sold-out concerts, and almost everything everybody else can dream off. Just recently, Caleb married Lily Aldridge, the famous Victoria’s Secret model. Why does a man who appears to be on top of the world succumb to the demon in the bottle? Alcohol abuse knows no color, no race, no sex, no religion, and no kings. When you are plunging deeper and deeper into alcoholism, you cannot see where you are heading until something or somebody points it out.

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