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Rehab is the Beginning of Addiction Recovery

At Transitions we offer lifetime continuing care for patients who stay at our Miami drug rehab and those who take advantage of our assistance with addiction recovery on an outpatient basis. We know that transitioning to a new life takes work and an initial stint in rehab in just the beginning. It can be devastating for an individual suffering from drug or alcohol addiction and their family if relapse prevention is not addressed thoroughly upon completion of a drug treatment program. What may help is thinking of addiction recovery as a continuing journey and not as a one-time program to be completed within a certain time frame.

Seeking support
You will need a lot of support, perhaps more than you think is necessary. Even people with a very caring circle of family and friends can still benefit from joining a support group with people who have similar experiences.

You will need help in recognizing which relationships are healthy and which ones are not. If you have a place to go and talk to people about what is going on in your life, you will not feel that you absolutely must rely on old friends and acquaintances. Feedback from others can also help you see which people in your life, be they family or friends, are helping you move forward and which people may be holding you back.

Examining what lead to addiction
Choose a rehab faulty that will help you address underlying issues that may be contributing factors to your addiction. One of the best ways to prevent relapse is to examine all of the issues surrounding addiction. There are some things you are aware of and may not want to face and there may be other things that you do not even realize have played a role in your addiction.

At Transitions, all patients receive focused treatment to address their symptoms and achieve an understanding of disorders and the changes they can make to prevent further dual diagnosis disease behaviors.