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Boston is the largest city in and the capital city of Massachusetts. Boston was established by the Puritans that came to America, from England starting in 1630. Boston was once famous as the site of the Boston Tea Party; now Boston, Massachusetts alcohol drug rehab centers get almost as many visitors.

The current population of Boston is around 609,000, but there are certainly no more Puritans and tea is no longer the drink of choice in Beantown. Heroin addiction, oxycodone addiction and alcoholism are the three biggest problems here. Fully, 34% of the calls received by Boston’s helpline are from drug addicts, dealing with some kind of alcohol problem; a real double-whammy.

Substance abuse treatment program statistics also report that 43% of the youths in Boston have used an illegal drug at least once. 69.5% of the high school students in Boston have had alcohol at least once in their lifetime, as well. Over all teen drug abuse is less than the national average, but marijuana and alcohol continue to be the most abused substances among Boston’s youth. It is extremely important that young people who are experiencing drug problems receive some type of help. Drug abuse is not simply an individual who uses prescription, non prescription drugs, or even illicit drugs for whatever reason. They may be using because of peer pressure or maybe their friends are using drugs, perhaps to improve athletic performance, control stress, anxiety, or possibly even depression.

The problem is that if anyone becomes addicted, their drug will be in control and they won’t be able to kick the habit without drug or alcohol abuse treatment. It doesn’t really matter how much of your drug or alcohol you are actually consuming, once addicted you become a physical, psychological and mental slave to it. Boston, Massachusetts alcohol drug rehab centers are filled with people who thought they were in control. Drug addiction is a problem that affects 23 million Americans today. These people are addicted to their prescription medications, alcohol or illicit drugs. Many of these people never recover from their addictions, simply because they didn’t have the willpower to just say NO. No Boston, Massachusetts alcohol drug rehab centers can force them to receive treatment.

Transitions Recovery is the most unique of all Boston, Massachusetts alcohol drug rehab centers. Why? Because it isn’t in Boston, in fact it isn’t even in Massachusetts; it’s in warm, sunny Florida. Treatment programs can only work when the drug and alcohol rehab centers can take the addict completely out of their environment. Even teen rehabilitation is best done away from peers and familiar haunts.

Once you understand how important this concept is you will understand that life and treatment at Transitions Recovery, Boston, Massachusetts alcohol drug rehab centers facility in Florida is the only winning choice.