Boston – Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers

Transitions Recovery

Although alcohol is the most popularly abused substance in the state, Boston, Massachusetts drug addiction treatment centers also deal with heroin and oxycodone, the two most popular drugs of choice here. Boston has places for alcohol & drug addiction treatment and cocaine rehab centers and all kinds of boutique rehab centers.

While these places charge a fortune to house media-dodging entertainers and politicians, who aren’t real serious about quitting, these “rehab centers” are not what an addict really needs. Real help and real life-saving turnarounds can be found at Transitions Recovery Boston Treatment Center.

Helping our patients to get clean and free of the alcohol and drug toxins coursing through their bodies is only the first step in our Boston, Massachusetts drug addiction treatment centers process for recovery. At this time an addict experiences withdrawal; this is the time when they would gladly return to substance abuse, just to get some relief from its symptoms.

At Transitions Recovery, unlike some addiction rehab centers, patient withdrawal is monitored by fully trained medical personnel 24/7. Once your body and brain have been purged of toxins, therapy can begin in earnest. Our treatment program is designed around the patient and their needs, which are discerned at our first post-withdrawal counseling session.

Only the best rehab centers truly practice what they preach, about removing the patient from his or her environment. This is the main reason why Transitions Recovery’s Boston, Massachusetts drug addiction treatment centers are not local. In an effort to remove the patient to a place totally free of their old associations and triggers we place them in our warm and sunny drug and alcohol free inpatient facility.

Warm and sunny only describes Boston in the summer; that’s true but Transitions Recovery is located in Miami, Florida, where warm and sunny doesn’t know what season it is. Our private, comfortable and secure campus; our highly skilled and compassionate staff and the absence of the stressors, drug contacts and peers that kept the addiction alive makes true rehabilitation possible.

We stay involved with our patients, with counseling and different therapies in order to re-develop and strengthen their will to overcome their problems and healthy maintainable lifestyles that will help them to lead a sober life and resist the temptations that might cause a relapse. No other Boston, Massachusetts drug addiction treatment center will go the extra mile for you.

We can help you with all of the facts you will need to know before starting your journey through Transitions Recovery. Let us put together a completely customized therapy program that will help you succeed. Taking the first step is always the most difficult, but once you discover a life, free from your previous drug or alcohol-related struggles, you will be free to pursue the dreams, goals and lifestyle you have always wanted. Call our Boston, Massachusetts drug addiction treatment centers today.