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Transitions Recovery

Transitions Recovery is a nationally recognized Boston, Massachusetts drug recovery treatment center located in Miami, Florida. We are a leader in addiction rehabilitation services for both men and women. Our location in warm, sunny Florida makes all the sense in the world, when you realize that a patient’s success rate gets better, the further they are from the home of their addiction.

Located in Miami Beach, our recovery treatment center was founded on the principal that men and women in early recovery need continued structure, guidance, peer support and clinical services. They also need to learn how to take pride in sobriety. To achieve this, we infuse individualized intensive substance abuse treatment with a wide variety of recreational activities and holistic therapies.  Our Boston, Massachusetts drug recovery treatment centers use a building block approach, where each phase is designed to build upon the previous one. This has been a core feature of Transitions Recovery, from the beginning. We re-expose our patients to a drug-free world gradually, as their coping skills, self-esteem and overall progress become sufficient to identify and navigate potential threats to their recovery.

If you are tired of being addicted to drugs and you are ready to get help, then call us now. Transitions Recovery is a world renowned, award winning substance treatment center. Our multi-disciplinary team of certified addiction experts and medical professionals can address your problems and provide you with a superb individualized treatment plan that works. Our non-Boston, Massachusetts drug recovery treatment centers save lives every day. Many people travel across the country to attend our comprehensive, medically based drug detox and addiction treatment programs. Local Boston treatment centers don’t change the patient’s environment sufficiently to help the patient enough. Not making a significant environmental change will defeat recovery every time.

At Transitions Recovery, our Boston, Massachusetts drug recovery treatment centers program includes a myriad of addiction treatment therapies to help each individual addict or alcoholic achieve recovery. By addressing the physical, psychological and spiritual problems that lead to addiction you or your loved one will leave our recovery center with a brand new sense of peace and well-being. Don’t let addiction affect you or your family any longer. Call Transitions Recovery rehab facility today.