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Transitions Recovery Boston, Massachusetts substance abuse treatment centers are sanctuaries staffed by highly trained psychologists and recovery personnel which offer individualized and integrated programs of recovery for those afflicted by drug abuse or addiction. Our addiction treatment centers recognize that a single modality can’t successfully meet the needs of every individual seeking recovery; therefore we offer a wide variety of therapies in order to meet the needs of each patient.

We provide a cognitive behavioral emphasis to all group and individual sessions and encourage family therapy participation. We supply the tools that recovering addicts need to proceed cautiously in a world filled with addicted friends, old haunts and suppliers. We show them how to react when a taste or smell brings back old memories that could trigger a relapse, and what behaviors to avoid.

Studies from several Boston, Massachusetts substance abuse treatment centers have shown that long term inpatient approaches to detoxification and therapy has an overall better result than any outpatient substance abuse programs, yet devised. In facilities like ours, most of the time is spent within the premises receiving treatment, education and behavioral counseling to help the patient to develop a sense of personal responsibility and accountability for their actions.

There is also the social aspect of recovery, which is done in a community environment by identifying with other patients and allowing them to give an evaluative look at the negative self-concepts that triggered their drug abuse. Our Boston, Massachusetts substance abuse treatment centers comprehensive approach has the highest success rate of any substance abuse treatment centers in existence today.

With the proper willpower, it’s possible to recover even from the deepest addictions. Beyond willpower there are the physical and mental issues of dependency. After a full withdrawal from the toxins of addiction; therapy can start in earnest. A key feature of our success over any other Boston, Massachusetts substance abuse treatment centers is that we aren’t in Boston. For the ultimate success the patient must be taken out of the addictive environment that holds them captive to drugs.

Our solution is fairly simple – Transitions Recovery addiction treatment centers are in Miami, Florida, well away from the streets and clubs of Boston; far from the addicted friends and drug pushers that would complicate any recovery. Our lovely, safe, secure, sunny and warm campus is the ideal drug and alcohol free atmosphere to recover in.

It is never too late to get drug addiction treatment help from our center for substance abuse. The longer that you have been addicted to your drug of choice, the longer it will take for you to make a full recovery, but the result is worth it. Today is a great day to start a new life at our Boston, Massachusetts substance abuse treatment centers.